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Gary McAllister

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The Official LFC site has mysteriously reported a link with Coventry midfielder Gary McAllister. The Scottish midfielder, who missed a penalty against England in Euro 96, has yet to sign a new contract with the Sky Blues, and it is rumoured that Houllier will offer him a one year deal.

Now what do you guys think about this? For God's sake what do we need him for? Surely another piece of space-filler from the tabloids.
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Yeah, i read this shocking story in one of the papers. I'm now off to commit suicide, so its been nice talking to you all... ;)
That is rubbish and we all know it. McAllister would be behind Didi, Redders and Gerrad in the pecking order (maybe Murphy and Thomo as well). GH would not buy him as he knows what we need
If he comes(wich i seriously doubt) it doesn't matter if he gets bench he free so no gamble in that.
The latest joke is that Redknapp is leaving, and McAllister will fill his boots!

yeah i just read redders is about to leave with a player 9yrs older replacing him-mc allister!!

i heard GH was looking for somebody very experienced cos of CL and he's ready to give him a 30,000 wkly!!!
Maybe its not McAllister but ZZ
Ha Ha! Yeah that would be a great cover up. ;)
can you tell me why,this guy is old and bald
we don't need him.
Old and bald? Hm, sounds like my directors... pity they can't pass the ball as well as McAllister - instead they pass buckets very well.
Maby GH has Barry Horne of SW in mind?
Also last year ZZ wife was unsetteld in Torino do you think she would like to move to a cold, rainy harbor city?
ZZ wil stay in Torino or move to Spain
Any rumors on this matter would be appreciated. I have no clue where all that cr*p is coming from, first it was Nakata, now McAllister. Is GH a pervert or what?
Personally I think Mcallister can offer Liverpool something we are lacking, even if it is only for 20 minutes a match, EXPERIENCE and maybe he can offer us something different against the likes of Leicester and Watford.
We need quality experience....like big NEV.
Who's NEV?

If it is McAllister that we need to be able to play against the likes of Leicester, then what do we need to beat MU? What I was trying to say is that we need a world class playmaker, we can't do without having one. And if we get one why do we need old Mac? Even if he comes for free he'll still get paid, right? Do the club have money to waist? If they do, then lets get a playmaker first.
C'mon, get serious guys, or we can go as far as to start talking about bringing Matthaeus from New York. Certainly classier player than Mac and only 4 years older than him. He is not even 40 yet!!!
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