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Gareth Barry as our left-back?

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I know it's almost impossible to get him..
But no harm trying, right? He is the best left-sided English defender around. Has good passing and is young... I think he is better than Dominic Matteo. Though he plays in central defence for Aston Villa, I think he will have no problem fitting in as a left-back. In fact, he should replace Phil Neville in the England starting 11! Phil Neville sucks!
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i agree that he is better ...much better than phil neville and i'm really surprised how keegan prefers neville instead!!! :(

anyway i don't think we would get him...
1/gregory likes him very much
2/a HUGE fee would be required to get him
3/there are better , more experienced and also cheaper left-backs that GH is already considering..(sergi ,lizarazu)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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