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Shirt numbers

O técnico Mano Menezes escalou a Seleção Brasileira que enfrentará a Argentina daqui a pouco, às 21h50, no Estádio Mario Alberto Kempes:

Jefferson (1), Danilo (2), Dedé (3), Rever (4) e Kleber (6), Ralf (5), Paulinho (7) e Renato Abreu (8), Neymar (11), Leandro Damião (9) e Ronaldinho (10).

Ronaldinho é o capitão. Serão permitidas três substituições.

No banco de reservas ficarão:

12 - Victor

13 - Mário Fernandes

14 - Rodholfo

15 - Rômulo

16 - Bruno Cortês

17 - Lucas

18 - Oscar

19 - Cícero

20 - Thiago Neves

21 - Henrique

23 - Casemiro

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Saddly, Damiao goal didnt happen. The guy is developing from a nobody to quite a player, besides the ridiculous campaing for Adriano (as if) or Luis Fabiano. Seems like the coach, Rede Globo pretends to bring back all old players that failed under Dunga and Parreira.

How ridiculous game was RG. A player for free kicks. The excuse there was many argies guarding him does not work. Inteligence is touching the ball fast... like some dude named Ganso did in Copa America and the usual dumb people thought it was him avoiding game.

Seriously Fangio, D'Alessandro and Montillo could play for those games. They are much better than all those players.

Rei Brasileiro
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I think Damiao was trying to decide whether to pass or to shoot, and in the last second he changed his mind.

And yea, we dont need a Brazilian Beckham to make long passes and take FKs and CKs... ridiculous. RG out!

Bernard > Messi
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nah, he tried to make a pass and it went wrong.

he admitted it.

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For the game in Belem, Os 22

Jefferson (Botafogo)
Rafael (Santos)
Danilo (Santos)
Mário Fernandes (Grêmio)
Bruno Cortês (Botafogo)
Kleber (Internacional)
Dedé (Vasco)
Réver (Atlético-MG)
Rhodolfo (São Paulo)
Emerson (Coritiba)
Ralf (Corinthians)
Paulinho (Corinthians)
Casemiro (São Paulo)
Rômulo (Vasco)
Lucas (São Paulo)
Oscar (Internacional)
Diego Souza (Vasco)
Elkeson (Botafogo)
Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Flamengo)
Neymar (Santos)
Fred (Fluminense)
Borges (Santos)
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