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for sure I'd agree with galini about champion league. we did wonderful
job by being in top group. some people says we want to face man united
in round 16 but I realy want Milan to face man united on smifinel or
the finel game so we would won and so the champion will have good
team after round 16
any way here is what he said

MILAN - Adriano Galliani then spoke about the Rossoneri's progress through the Champions League: ’We had two objectives in Europe, to progress to the next round and finish top of the group. We did both, but I can’t say who we would like to draw because last season I said I was content to meet Deportivo and look what happened ...’ A final word for one of the Milan stars of the moment: ’Nelson Dida is a marvelous goalkeeper. I wouldn’t change him with Gigi Buffon. Every team has its heroes and Dida is a Milan hero.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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