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i guess this is the most suitable midfiled
in argentina team, they must be starter in every game, gallardo the best in france
veron one of the best midfielder in the world
and many international coaches said dreamed
to have him in their national teams,redondo
king of controlling the ball, and killy like
a lion heart on the field, i guess simeone, ortega , must be substitute.
do u agree?

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yes i do.
but what about Almeyda and Zanetti ??
u can't put them in the deffence !!
i mean Almeyda is Back-MidField not a Defender... same as Zenetti, he is a right MidWing not a right defender !!
i would say Veron, Gallardo, Redondo and Zenetti...
simeone, ortega and Killy must be substitute.

salam................................ MO ....
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