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Gallardo to Bayern Munich

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For how much?
He is a gun and will do well in the league and in the champions laegue. I thought Juve were looking him as well.

tell me some more?
i think this is bull**** and he will be joining milan or juve next year cause onaco don't wanna sell him now
I knew a lot of big clubs wanted Gallardo, but I just can't see him in Bayern for some reason, but then again I thought the same thing about Santa Cruz. Another thing to keep in mind is that Gallardo has said he is happy in France, and wants to play there at least another year or two.
i dont think gallardo will goto bayern, it just doesnt seem to be happening.

as for gallardo being happy in france, i doubt it. he doesnt want to be the target of the opposition by getting fouled constantly and being beat up by opposing staff..its not a great idea and i know that gallardo will realize that even though he had a great season with monaco, he will not stay in france because of so much incidents that occured this year.
What kind of incidents??
Bayern need good middlefielder so they whant to get Gallardo or Sforza. Gallardo is closer for the transfer fee of around 32m.
For unknown reasons Bayern (German teams in general) can't compete with the wages or transfers offered by Italian, Spanish or English topteams, and since Gallardo's commanding form this season has earned him superstar status no German team will be able to buy him.
I think it has to do with the German tax laws partly, as I seem to recall some info on that but I'm not quite sure.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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