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Typical behaviour of Galatasaray fans whenever they host Fenerbahce.

It's been pretty much a tradition since the 2007 match at the end of that season - Fenerbahce had just wrapped up the title in their centenary season ahead of their visit to Galatasaray, so the Galatasaray club and fans got very salty at the prospect of seeing their rival presented the league title in their own stadium.

It was a big media beat up and it riled up the rival fans for no good reason. If anything, it would have been a great occasion to show togetherness, camaraderie and respect between the clubs. In the end, the trophy presentation was held off (not like it would ever have gone ahead), but the Galatasaray fan base was still extremely salty at the whole affair.

So at the match, this happened:

A lot of theories around whether Galatasaray themselves were implicit in the happenings, as it seemed that the ultras had hundreds of water bottles* ready to go throughout the entire 90 minutes, as if they had been pre-planted and were being continually supplied. Plus the fact that actual water bottles were being thrown too (see below footnote)...

* - because Turkish fans are so stupid and can't be trusted, they don't actually allow bottles into the stadium and nor do they sell them in the stadium. The drinks are in plastic cups that have been sealed, so they are largely harmless to the footballers struck by them.
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