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Galante Makes Determined Defence

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Torino defender Fabio Galante believes the TV pictures which appeared to condemn him as a cheat are completely misguiding.

He was shown on Italian television mouthing "Let him score" to team-mate Daniele Delle Carri in the last minute of his team's match against Bologna.

Bologna's Julio Cruz headed in the corner which the pair were defending.

But Galante rubbished claims that he deliberately fixed Saturday's match which finished 1-1.

"It's impossible to remember 100% what we said at a moment like that," he said.

"The image shows this was the end of conversation with Delli Carri and I'm sure I said 'Don't let him score' and not vice versa."
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When Cruz scored the man that was marking him was Delli Carri? This is very strange, when a player talks to another of his team he yells to allert of danger and to avoid doing something, nobody says "don't let him score"! I watched Delli Carri's face when Galante told something and I was surprised by his surprise when hearing that.
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