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G14 clubs want salary cap Wednesday 15 May, 2002


The use of a salary cap is edging nearer after it was revealed that Juventus and Milan are just two of the G14 clubs pushing for its introduction.

A report in the Gazzetta dello Sport on Wednesday highlighted that the powerful union of clubs were looking to make several changes to the running of the game in a battle to solve increasing economic problems.

"It is considered right to reduce squad sizes to just 25 players and to fix a salary cap for each club," Thomas Kurth, general manager of the G14 group, told the Gazzetta.

"The plan is aimed at reducing costs and will be perfected on August 30 in Monaco, but in substance the philosophy is operational immediately."

G14, whose clubs also include Real Madrid, Manchester United and Ajax, are also looking to introduce a transfer code of conduct in a bid to keep prices down.

Kurth added: "The first aim is to reduce the competition between G14 clubs in the transfer market. It is important to avoid auctions on a player because it has an effect of raising the prices even of lower quality players.

"The plan should not only concern G14 clubs, but it could be considered more important for the rest of football because it suffers more from the crisis of revenues that have stabilised and labour costs that continue to rise."

All 14 clubs will also look to lower their minimum wage structure which would see players rewarded with bonuses relating to their performance.
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