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Hi people...

in Italy is circulating a rumor that says G.Agnelli ( sick since long time) is died already ( in some hospital in the USA )

TG3, the News Service ont he national TV on 3rd Rai Channel gave it as "rumour" so not confirmed yet... so waiting some more in the next hours

hopefully it's all fake !


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PS: also the roman radio, that i am listening right now said :

" we have a rumor, that we are trying to get confirmed, it would be a sad news, about an important man, and about the finance also "


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still Radio Radio :

"purtroppo stiamo ricevendo conferme negative "
- the radio Director said he got true confirmations ( on Agnelli.. )
:( :( :(

sorry if i am posting much on this...
but i bet you care...


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In un'intervista a WallStreetItalia, Paolo Vannini, amministratore delegato di Fiat USA, ha smentito le indiscrezioni sulla morte del presidente onorario del gruppo. "E' tutto a posto. Tutto procede regolarmente", ha detto.

seems like P.Vannini, Administrator for FIAT in USA denied any rumours about Agnelli Status, saying "it's all ok"

hope so


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ignore him devils fan.......

i have been told that he was in an accident like 10 years ago or something and because of his pain which he gets in back and neck etc...he actually takes herion or cocain (not sure about drug issues, they could be the same thing and i wouldnt know) to help ease the pain when it gets too much for him.

thats what i heard anyway, could very well be bullcrap, most likely is..........
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