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Look at the madness during the campaign...this just reminds me of the campaign going on here in the US for the 2000 election...well i guess Real Madrid is such an honor to become president for...

Please Read this:

Figo still the issue as fans vote on Real Madrid future
By Kevin Fylan

MADRID, July 14 (Reuters)(DS) - Lorenzo Sanz, Real Madrid
president and head of the G-14 lobbying group of clubs, will
find out early on Monday if he still has a role in Spanish and
European soccer when a bitter and at times bizarre presidential
race at the club is finally decided.
The battle for the top job at Real Madrid's "casa blanca"
has been becoming increasingly nasty, as Sanz and his challenger
Florentino Perez jostle for the favour of the 50,000 or so club
members who will vote on Sunday.
The two men, both 53-year-olds who made their respective
fortunes in the construction industry, have traded accusations
of mis-management, naivety, vanity and even treachery.
But while the war of words has been a predictable enough
sideshow, the rivalry has also thrown up one of the most
controversial transfer sagas in recent times, as the Barcelona
forward Luis Figo has become the hottest topic in Spanish sport.

Sanz, who has been in charge at the Spanish giants for the
last four seasons, went into his campaign for re-election with
every confidence after presiding over two European Cup wins in
the past three years.
That is quite some achievement for a club who waited 32
years to add to their haul of six titles won in their golden age
from 1956 to 1966.
Indeed, so secure was Sanz thought to be in his position
that several newspapers speculated that he would be without a
challenger for the election on Sunday, wich was called in the
immediate aftermath of that triumphant 3-0 victory over Valencia
in the Champions League final in Paris.
But Sanz's dream of leading Real into their centenary year
in 2002 is in danger of being unrealised in the face of a
concerted challenge from Florentino Perez.
Perez, whose chances of winning just a week ago were thought
to be somewhere between slim and none, ignited the campaign with
the astonishing claim that he had already agreed a deal to bring
in Portuguese international Figo from Barcelona for a cool $57
Figo has denied the story, insisting he will be at the Nou
Camp on July 24 to begin pre-season training, but Perez is
sticking to his words.
He believes he has a deal whereby if Figo does not join Real
following a Perez victory the player will have to indemnify the
club to the tune of $28.15 million.
"You can see how sure I am that Figo will sign by the fact
that if he doesn't come, and I am elected, I will pay the
season-ticket costs of all Real members out of my own pocket,"
Perez promised this week.
At a conservative estimate, that would cost him around $8.5
million if his deal is not quite as watertight as he imagines.

There have also been leaked reports of a deal to bring in
Zinedine Zidane, although Perez himself has perhaps wisely made
no promises on that score.
The Sanz campaign, rattled by a story that has had Real fans
drooling over the two best players from Euro 2000 wearing white
next season, has been scathing in its criticism of the Perez
Sanz's vice-president Juan Onieva at first hinted that the
mega-bucks deal to bring Figo to a club already between $110
million and $247 million in debt -- depending on whose figures
you believe -- would lead to Perez taking personal ownership of
Real Madrid.
Sanz added: "First it was Luis Figo, then it was Zinedine
Zidane and I suppose now it'll be Claudia Schiffer who's signing
for us."
After laughing off the signing, Sanz decided to up the ante
and angrily started displaying a video of Figo celebrating a
Barca title win by singing a clearly anti-Real Madrid song.
When that appeared to have little effect on the prevailing
view that Figo would be a great signing for Real, Sanz started
to play Perez at his own game.
The incumbent president announced on Thursday a deal to
bring in Real Mallorca striker Diego Tristan for 3,000 million
pesetas ($16.89 million).
"He was on the point of joining Fiorentina but we've spoken
to Mallorca and if we win the election he'll be a Real Madrid
player on Monday," Sanz explained.
"He's a player the coaching staff at the club wanted to
Magnanimously enough, Sanz says Tristan will still be "at
the disposition" of the club whoever wins the vote but Perez
remains unimpressed.
"They run the club is if it was owned by them and not by its
members," said Perez.
Those members face an interesting choice on Sunday --
continue to support the man who has brought them two European
Cups or back a figure who believes he can bring them Figo and in
the process deal another blow to their arch-rivals from
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