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Inter Parma 3-1
R. Baggio 30
Stanic 70
R. Baggio 83
Zamorano 89

It begun in Inter's favour the controled the match but again didn't created chances.
Baggio got a great chance from a free kick on the edge of the penalty area but he wasted it.
Stanic replaced Amoroso wich i expected and Di Viao replaced Bolano to my suprise maby because he was a bit tired.
Parma finally got a bit in the game and we finnaly scored tru a Stanic header from a corner.
After that we controled the match a bit more and we got some litlle chances tru defensive errors from inter.
from that moment parma looked like winning the match, but inter crossed the ball in our penalty area and it was passed 2 r. baggio who was completly unmarked at the edge of the penalty area, he volleyd in and scored a beautiftul goal.
Parma didn't look like coming back and were running after the facts and conceded another goal by Zamorano.

Final grades

Buffon 6.5
Sartor 5
Thuram 6
Cannavaro 5.5
Fuser 6
Bolano 6.5 (Di Viao 6)
Breda 5 (Dabo 5.5)
Baggio 5.5
Vanoli 5.5
Crespo 5.5
Amoroso 5 (Stanic 6)

Peruzzi 6
Simic 6
Blanc 6
Cordoba 6
Domoraud 6
Zanetti 6
Cauet 6.5
Jugovic 5.5
Serena 6 (Recoba 6.5)
Baggio 7 (Fresi 6)
Vieri 6 (Zamorano 6)

I'm very dissapointed because we could turn a negative season into a bit better season
but we really lacked to do it this match.
Also i don't want 2 take away anything from inter who played a good match.

It lookes like were(again) doomed to the UEFA cup. also expect some 'stars' to leave
like Thuram and Crespo because we(again) didn't make the CL!

I hope we still can make a compatitive team for next season, micoud is a start but we have 2 be real hard and clever in this summer transfer market 2 make it next year...

Sorry i posted it to late but with the troubles yestarday evening i couldn't post it
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