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FTC | 1/2 Finals - 2. Leg | Galatasaray - Genclerbirligi (Home)

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Well we're losing this 1-0 on agg. Let's hope we win it.
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Firsttouch, faking bad grammar is not going to make us believe that you live in Istanbul and that your name is Recep...
damn man. i wish umit was in the game to take the penalty. i cant believe this $h!t. umit-nonda every game and let nonda take the penalties and sometimes umit. bad loss. can someone tell me who played good and who played bad?
aykut: decent
emre: bad. lost his man at the corner kick and was responsible for the goal.
servet: bad as usual.
volkan: bad
mehmet topal: good, but some terrible passes.
arda: started off good but went on to become terrible.
lincoln: was good in general, but he cant take pk's.
sabri: was not too bad attacking, but terrible at defending just like the other three clowns who are supposed to be our defenders.
nonda: not too lucky but he tried and once again showed that he should be a starter.
hakan: not too bad untill he was substituted.
ayhan: one of his better games. i liked him for the most part for the first time in my life.

all in all, i think this was a positive performance and we could have easily won it if we would have been more concentrated in front of their box.
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21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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