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FSJ appointment news (coaches, secretaries)

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It seems as if the discussion about new coach for Yugoslav national football team will
be extended to include also the highest posts in the Yugoslav Football Association
(YFA). Velibor Vasovic is being promoted as the man who can "save" Yugoslav football,
although no elections were planned for the posts of President and Secretary General
of the YFA. Miljan Miljanic, current YFA President, declined to comment and only
diplomatically said that "there were no political pressures on the YFA" and that "if
someone thinks differently, it doesn't mean it's necessarily bad". The outcome will be
know today and tomorrow, after meetings of the Technical and Executive boards of
the YFA.

21. 7. 2000.
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Very interesting.... although I clearly suspect that they'll have to wrestle the reigns of the FSJ from his Miljanic's dead, cold hands. I doubt that he'll voluntarily give up his title, he's a little like Slobo that way.
I'm affraid Vasovic may come as a champion of JUL, and it is scary that those guys may have a big influence in Yugo-football. I'm affrad it may be even worse than having Miljanic, despite my high opinion of Vasovic as an expert in the field of football. Actually, Miljanic was trying, for years, to offset the influence of JUL in the football federation. Two years ago, JUL installed their man, Zivadinovic, as a coach of the Yugoslav team, but Miljanic succeded to oust him. I agree that whatever people say about Miljanic is true regarding his cling to power, despotic rule, corruptiveness, hypocrisy, manipulativeness, etc. He has been a bad news for our footbal for some time. However, some aspects of Miljanic's career go against the current opinion about him.

Miljanic has a long time history of bad relations with ideologists from the Yugoslav Communist and currently Yugoslav left. It is true that Miljanic was once upon a time a member of the Communist Party, but he was also considered a big traitor when he become a coach of, at that time Gen. Granco's favorite club Real Madrid. I remember well public tirades of some of leading members of Communist Party against Miljanic demanding his excommunication from the society since he joined "fascist falangs". I also remember when in 1974, just before the WC in Germany, Miljanic publicly, on Yugoslav TV, confronted one of the Communist heavy guns, Hakija Pozderac. The participants of the talk show were Miljanic, than one of the selectors of Yugo-team, Enver Maric, the team first goalie, and Pozderac, who had a function equilvalent of a federal minister for sport. From the onset of the show, Pozderac tried to promote the idea that the national team plays for country, Party and Tito, using typical communist raw ideology and arm-twisting methods. His victim was Maric, who after each of Pozderac's sentence was asked by Pozderac wether he agrees or not. To everyone's surprise and astonishment, Miljanic gave an answer in which he pointed our that players are professionals whose primary loyalty is to the sport of football and their team. It was as somenone threw a bomb in the studio. The moderator did not know how to continue. Pozdrac's face was changing colours from white to dark red, while Miljanic continued to talking calmly about psycho-physical preparations of our team for the upcomming tournament. At that time, Miljanic's answer was a shock since none dare to put anything before Tito and the Party. It earned a lot of respect for Miljanic.

I also have a good opinion of Miljanic as a coach. He left a very visible mark in the success story of Red Star and he also had good stint with Real M. Some of the greatest players in the history of Yugo-football and international football were his product or influenced by him as a coach (Dzajic, Acimovic, Bogicevic, Pavlovic, Breitner).
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