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Friendly match on Tuesday with Monaco

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1 Buffon
4 Mellberg
6 Zanetti
7 Salihamidzic
8 Amauri
9 Iaquinta
10 Del Piero
11 Nedved
12 Chimenti
13 Manninger
18 Poulsen
19 Marchisio
20 Giovinco
21 Grygera
22 Sissoko
27 Ekdal
28 Molinaro
29 De Ceglie
32 Marchionni
33 Legrottaglie
35 Esposito
41 Ariaudo
43 De Paola

Woot! Woot! :party: :star: :happy:
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Yeah, his cousin I think it was.

And the streams in myp2p.eu isnt working for me, holler if you find any.

Edit: Only stream working, even if its bad:

****ing lucky bastard :groan:
Another link if justintv doesnt work: http://www.atdhe.net/live-tv-2044.html

Monaco scored, Legro fouled Freddy Adu in the box, Leko scored the pk.
Yeah we played quite good, the pk is their only shot on goal. Ale getting the closest, but Marchionni looking the best (nice trend, lets hope he continues the good form because Camo's injuries are hopeless).
Hehe yeah. Manninger, De Ceglie, Sali, Poulsen, Ekdal, Espositio, Giovinco and Iaquinta in. Basically EVERYONE except Nedved, and the two CBs Ariaudo and Legro.
Oh, Pavel isnt playing. Zanetti came in too, so 9 substitutions, not 8.

Yeah good save, but wtf was he doing punching away the ball OUTSIDE the box :pp
Yeah that would have been sweet to go in. This second half is more erratic in where players play, but its more fun to watch.

Btw, Ariaudo is looking really good all game long. Calm and astute defending, mature for or a teenage CB.
Yeah Thurams cuz was good. Chimenti though, what a statue on the pks :howler:
1 - 9 of 29 Posts
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