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Frey in!!!

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Now when Seaman done his work for arsenal we all know we need a new keeper.
We all cheer Seaman for what he done for the club but he's days as a regular is over but I would like to see him as a substitute-player /coach next year
And I think we should buy the Inter keeper Sebastian Frey
He's just 20 and already a star keeper
What do you guys think about that??
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NO WAY INTER WILL SELL FREY!!!!! There was actually a big arugement about Frey. Some people wanted Peruzzi to be the number one and some people wanted to bring back Frey and let him be the number one. Inter made the right choice. They sold Peruzzi and brought Frey back.
It's confirmed that Inter will play Frey as their first-choice keeper this season :)
as if arsenal would be able to buy frey
though he is good and young
is asper from aik good?
As swede I can say:

Im swede and Asper is pretty good but I dont know if he good enough for Arsenal and his not that young he's already 26 then its maybe better to give Richard Wright the change?
As a swede I can tell you that Asper isn´t good enough to play for Arsenal. There´s only one swdish goalkeeper who can be nr.1 in a big club(not to big) and that is Hedman.

Dream on about Arsenal having Frey.
Do you think that Inter would sell Frey now when they have sold Peruzzi?
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