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French thought Argentina would top Group F

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Hey guys, I found this on the Nigerian site and thought it might be of interest to you guys.

I was watching L'Equipe TV, a channel dedicated to football

You know when they have a group of sports journalists sitting around a table, talking about why France screwed up their world cup, e.t.c

In fact, they sound a lot like some of you sorry individuals here venting your frustrations on the wrong people.

Anyway, they where disecting group F, and they where talking about all the teams in group F.

The interesting thing was that they said the best game in the group was the game between Nigeria and Argentina, which included the best goal in that group.

The talked for like 30mins about Batistutas header and the importance of practicing deadball situations. Very interesting, listening to real experts talk about the goal, because they metioned the diversion of about 5 argentines from the center to the near post, when they all knew the ball was going to the far post.

As soon as the ball was taken, Batigoal does a anti-clockwise turns and heads for the far post. He is still man marked but the ball has so much pace and precisionthat there wasnt much anyone could do about it.

Afterwards, they said from watching the the other games in the group, unanimously that Nigeria and Argentina logically should have qualified ahead of England & Sweden because they where slightly better technically.

Just goes to show that in football, winning isnt everything.

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