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Today every football websites declares that juve has signed Athirson in a four-year contract!!! which pleases me a lot since we have filled the left-side with a quality player!! but there is one thing i am not clear,that is the transfer fee!! some reports said juve can get Athirson for free when his contract with Flamengo expires in Dec!!! some reports hold a different idea,that is juve give Flamengo 13million pounds in order to get Athirson in the begining of the season!! i won't believe juve will be so stupid that they will pay 13 million pounds for a player who will become a free agent in two months after the start of the season though i know it is better to get him earily as he can settle in the squad more easily.What do you think???

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well, we're certainly getting him for a minimum amount. he'll be free if juve decides to bring him in in january. however, if he's to be released now, the fee mentioned is a token amount in the region of 1.5 mil pounds. since he's in the olympic squad, he'll be away for the olympics which will last for about 1 mth from in september. this is the factor that will influence juve's decision, i think. we're getting a great bargain as usual! next season's squad will look like,





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I think that Juve will have problems with the defense. Your new Brazilian is far to offensive. When you play with 3 defenders you gotta have wingers tath work more in the defense than in the attack.

Then I want to say that del Piero is extremly overrated, Zidane never finds the rigt motvation when he`s not playing for France and Carini never gonna play for Juve.


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K-Man; You're right that Del Piero was overrated last season, but realistically he's not anymore (apart from his wages). A player everybody think is overrated really can't be :).
Athirson is not too offensive. He would be too offensive if we played him in defence, but he's a wing-back at Flamengo and the Brazilian Olympic/National team. Thus a defender who would be playing in midfield with Juve. His characteristics are alot like Roberto Carlos and I think most will agree with me, that in a European team Roberto Carlos would be an awesome wing, while he's a major risk in defence. Another thing is that last year Pessotto was too defensive and fans of almost every team (AMOROSO everyone ?) took cracks at us for having a left wing who couldn't attack. If we're not allowed to play a defender in midfield because he attacks too much- what are we to do :) ? Anyway- we'll nedd to sign him first and we haven't done that yet.
Zidane never finds his motivation ? Well- gazzetta had him in their team of the season last year... He's better with France that's true, but I believe that's mainly a tachtical issue.
Carini; I don't think so either but let's wait and see. Honestly- he's not going to play for either Lazio or Juve in the next coupple of seasons as both Peruzzi and Van Der Sar are better than him.


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Here's the latest on Athirson, guess y'all koew but what the hell..


MILAN, July 19 (Reuters)(DS) - Juventus have signed a
pre-contract agreement with Flamengo's Brazilian international
wing-back Athirson, the Serie A club said on Wednesday.
"The contract has been placed with the Football League," a
Juventus spokesman said.

Athirson, whose contract with Flamengo runs out on December
31, has made one appearance for his country.

The pacy 23-year-old would be able to join Juventus on a
free transfer on January 1, 2000 but the Italian club could pay
to bring him to the Turin club for the start of the season.
"There is the possibility of an agreement with the Brazilian
club wich could allow him to arrive before January," Juventus
general manager Luciano Moggi told the daily Corriere dello

Rio-born Athirson began his career as a central defender
with Flamengo but was transformed into an attacking left-back
during a season at Santos.

Juventus have long been linked with a move for the player
who is consider a long-term replacement for current Brazil left
back Roberto Carlos.


Sooner or later he's a juventini! :)
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