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Kafka (1991), directed by Steven Soderbergh.Anyone seen this movie?

Franz Kafka (played by Jeremy Irons for some bizarre reason) starts to investigate the mysterious death of his friend Eduard Raban.Soon he finds out that his friend belonged to underground movement fighting against the Castle, the evil rulers of the city.After all other members of the organization are killed by the zombies sent from the Castle, Kafka takes the matters to his own hands.He finds a secret entrance to the Castle, blows up the zombie factory and escapes.

I have no idea what were the intentions of the makers of this movie.But fact is that it turned out surprisingly well.They could've made some kind of idiotical and pointless biographical movie about the life of Kafka.But instead they made a movie what is totally nuts (in a good way).A stark, surrealistic dream fueled by the atmosphere of Kafka's works.A cult movie(for me at least).

I wonder what would've been Kafka's reactions about this.67 years after his death someone makes a movie where he fights against zombie-making industry.I quess that most likely he would have laughed.Or at least grinned.
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