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Moyes in an article with EFC.Com has stated that the Francis Jeffers move to Arsenal was way too soon for Him. Now without reading the article you know where he is going with this, and you have to admire his Subtlety. Then you have to wonder was this the reason he brought Jeffers Back. To show Rooney that this could be you.
Jeffers in no question had/has the ability to be a good Forward, and had a great year with Everton, though the big fish in the little pond found the greener pastures of Arsenal too much to handle. There he is a guppie in the large Talent Pool of Arsenal. So was it too soon for him to Leave. From an Evertonian point of View No. We recieved 8 Million for him, and if Arsenal were stupid enough to pay that for him on the basis of one good year then so be it. As for Jeffers it was too soon. He should have waited to become more successfull over a few years giving him more playing time and experience.

Will Rooney learn this valuable lesson, well if Moyes has anything to do with it he will, yet will the board allow Moyes to do so is another matter, my belief they will see the Money sign and cash in.

Rooney will have to look at one thing will an Arsenal or Chelsea put up with his goal scoring drout he had in the first half of the season as Everton did. I think not. Especially with all the talent level they have on the bench. So he will become another high priced Bench Warmer.

There is an old saying: "How does one soar with the Eagles when he Flies with Turkies" Yet no one realises that if an Eagle Flies with Turkies the who do you think stands out and gets noticed. ;)

Heres the Article
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