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Doug Lambert
The International Herald

Apparently France performed so poorly in this WC due to the negative Karma they brought upon themselves with a highly-controversial poster they created for the France - Romania friendly match held earlier this year.
The poster, which portrayed the Romanian team as a poor Gypsy playing the violin infuriated 23 million Romanians. Most of them felt it portrayed them in an insulting and distasteful manner to the point that one Romanian self-proclaimed witch by the name of Ioana Dumitrescu-Malache from Transylvania's city of Cluj decided to gather all her powers and created a curse to incapacitate the entire team and prevent them from qualifying to the next round…
According to Ioana, she started with France’s key player, their inspirational Zinadine Zidane, making him more prone to injuries months before the World Cup started.
Well, believe it or not Zidane did pick up an injury and this definitely affected him during the competition.
According to Ioana's neighbours she had claimed that she was going to curse the French immediately after she saw the insulting poster. However, many of the neighbours did not believe her initially.
"She spends all day sleeping, and at night there's all kinds of strange noises coming from her apartment” said Gigi, a 37 year-old cab driver. “Of course nobody believed her. She keeps talking about influencing the powers of ‘ielele’ (some sort of Romanian negative karma forces) to get her way”. “We thought she was nuts… But now she is well-respected in our building, mostly out of fear".
France was a favorite to win this year's World Cup, however, they inexplicably performed poorly, as they produced one of the biggest upsets in soccer history when they lost to Senegal. "A nation in tears and disbelief", wrote various newspapers in France while Le Bleus were eliminated.
In Romania, however, Ms. Malache had already gotten her revenge.
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