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Fox Sports World @dorm

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Can someone tell me how I can get Fox Sports World at my dormroom?

Thanx in advance...
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FSW is part of a cable package. If you can get cable in your dorm room, then check with your cable company and see if they'd offer the channel.
Get a satellite dish.

FSW comes with the Gold sports package, (costs $10 extra a month).

No cable company on this planet is ever going to get another nickel out of me....they are a nightmare to deal with and their 'You'll get what your given' attitude is hardly customer friendly. Most cable companies will not carry a specialized channel like Fox Sports World, preferring to offer their customers a half dozen home shopping channels instead. Perhaps it fits the demographic, if you a big enough mug to have cable, then you will probably buy crap from infomercials.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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