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Not necessarly friendlies, as far as i am aware there will be a cup along with sponsorship and all the normal things that come along with tournament football. It will be based around the style of the british championship, a tournment which ended in 1984 due to security fears in Belfast and growing dominance of England. A thing of pride for northern irish fans is that northern ireland won the final tournament in 1984

It is argued that a more competitive system will be more benficial for players instead of friendlies.

Good idea IMO we havnt played the beggars in years, and the recent game against scotland was very good fun. I no from people in my supporters clubs that the trips away to Wales and England a few years ago where also very memorable.


Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have announced plans to hold an international tournament in 2011.
The Four Associations Tournament will take place in Dublin, with a league format seeing two matches played in February, with a further four in May.

"I'm delighted this has become a reality," said Scottish FA president George Peat.

"This new event will celebrate the game and give our fans a great experience."

There have been discussions for some time over a proposed Celtic Cup between the nations, with the idea of a biennial tournament agreed in principal.

The English FA were asked if they wished to take part in such an event, but they declined.

John Delaney, chief executive of the Football Association of Ireland said he was delighted his country would be staging the tournament.

"This will be the first time Ireland has hosted a senior international tournament and the atmosphere around Dublin will be tremendous with all the travelling fans," he said.

"With so many connections between the countries there are bragging rights at stake, and it's sure to grab the attention of people across the UK and Ireland."

Wales hosted the initial meeting in November 2007 to discuss the possibility of a modernised format of the old British International Tournament.

"We look forward to crossing swords with our two cousins across the Irish Sea, as well as Scotland in a friendly rivalry," said Welsh FA president Peter Rees.

And the chief executive of the the Northern Irish FA Howard Wells said he viewed the event as an opportunity to measure the progress of the countries at international level.

"It also gives fans a chance to see first class competition live, and within easy access," added Wells.

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Bad, very bad idea. Just my opinion. First of all to make it somewhat interesting you would need home and return legs so that all have some home games, like the Six Nations in rugby. To play all the games in Dublin is ridiculous and reduces the attractiveness for the fans of the other teams.

Also, unfortunately you cannot separate politics from sports when the two teams from the green isle are involved. The Setanta Cup built bridges between both nations and has brought fans north and south closer together. I fear a clash between the national teams is coming too early though and risks to blow up the bridges built by the Setanta Cup.

For Wales the tournament is quite pointless as they are way too weak to compete with the other 3 involved. I doubt the Scottish players will be really giving themselves 100 percent without any home soil game involved, and then remain Ireland and NI who risk to give the tournament a political undertone.

I realise the idea is with good intentions, but this is a very very bad idea IMO. Give the Setanta a few more years, there is such a great progress in north-south relationships now football-wise in Ireland. Why risk to undo that progress by letting the national teams play each other? And to make this a tournament, well nice try but Wales stand no chance at all and I fear the Scottish players will see this as a training game and nothing else.
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