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We have some increddible forwards, but as we know its only two of them who will play in starting line up...
This is what I think of Inters forwards...

1.-Vieri- The strongest of them all, does pllenty of goals, must play for sure...but hey, its VIERI!!!

2.-Ronaldo- A great player but dont expect that he will be the same Il fenomene when he returns...I dont think that he will play much,, but I have faith!!!!

3.-Sukur- I think that he will play alot, with Vieri probably...but he wont score so much!!

4.-Recoba- "the best of them all" I would be surprised if Lippi wont play him in the league...but there is CH and Copa Italia...

5.-Zamorano- A real fighter...I think that we will swap him with Salas...It´s the best for Bam Bam...he wont play, only i the Italian cup!

Any comments???

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Yes it's a great attack Vieri will start with Recoba or maybe salas if he comes i think that suker will be ok i have thought about it and i think he should start in some of the champions league matches maybe?? but pre season will be important so they can get use to each others style of play Ronaldo when he comes back will come of the bench against lower teams i think he shouldn't be playing against high quallity his a impotant piece to our championship hopes and last of Zamorano his a good player and i fell he should be keept as back up for just one more year.






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Farrri,Ronaldo, Thats the whole line up pretty good team with MUTU on loan and Ventola aswell on loan we are looking good for the future


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Inter should have the best striking force in the Serie A,as usual!!Vieri,Sukur,Recoba,Pirlo,Zamorano,R9 and probably Salas!!!If Salas comes I think Bam Bam would go!I think Lippi would likely to start with a 3 man attack,cuz if he just pick 2 men out of 6,there would be chaos in the locker room!the formation would really like the Azzuri,but of course not the style of play,more offensive for Inter!!I think Our attack is better than last season!!What's great is that R9 can now really not needed to rush to get back!!!I really hope we can get Salas!I really want to see the once great Vieri-Salas partnership again reformed!!but this time with the Blue and Black shirt!!!Pirlo should starts behind Vieri and Salas,with Sukur and Recoba as backup,they shouldn't complain much as we all know the injury porn of Vieri and we have a lot tighter schedual in the coming season,they should have many chance to play!!

Moreover,it despite we have quite a lot of transfer this season so far,but our starting line up shouldn't have big changes,Frey as Goalie and the defence made up of Simic-Blanc-Cordoba should getting better and better,Midfield leading by our great Captain Zanetti-Seedorf-DiBiagio-Serena
attacking trio of Pirlo-Vieri-Salas!!Seems that we shouldn't need so much time to "build up" the team again!!!Don't forget this season we got great back up,in defence we have Cirllo,Ferrari,Domaurad and could be Coco!!Midfield we have Farinos,Cauet,Brocchi and Robiatti!Attack we got Sukur,Recoba and the Great R9 coming back in the mid-season!!I think we should have enough players for the Serie A and Champions League!!

Can't wait for the new season!!!Too bad it delayed to October!!!But it's worth waiting!!!

It could be this season...

Forza Inter!!!

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I can assure you that Cordoba will wear #2 now when Panucci goes. He had it in San Lorenzo and hehas it in the national team. It´s more likely that Pirlo will have #21 that depends of who will wear #10
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