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Many of you man not now this but Cristian "bobo" Vieri has a little brother playing in a small club in the Serie C :) :). Im not sure what his name is but i know it starts with an M, i don't know his age either but he must be below 20. This player is a must for the future. Many people have been saying "what about focusing on our youth team". Well here is a player that we should buy. Even if he is only 1/4 the player Bobo is he would still be a great buy as he will come very cheaply. We should put some scouts on him and sign him before someone else does. I can't see any reason why not to sign him.

Sorry to people like Lazia who don't like us talking that much about next years team but i thought that this would be interesting ;)


Maybe Mattias or Aquila you know about this?
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