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This guy totally shut down Shearer in the first game and then does the same to Ilie/Moldovan against the Romanians. Forca Jorge Costa!
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Yeah well said Marco, he remind's me of the great Marcel Desailly.

It's useful having a former defender as your national coach as well.
Jorge has really surprised me in the Euro up to now. Couto was a monster today...if he keeps that form no one will get past him!
God these 2 guys r another VERY STRONG part in the national team... Did u guys see when JORGE COSTA copped it in the groin vs. ENGLAND ??? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH

Costa in my opinino will eat PAULO MADEIRA...
the only knock on Costa and Couto is their tempers....but so far so good.
Exactly, Costa has shrugged of some of Europe's best strikers with ease!

"Jorge Costa is well equiped to handle anyone. He loves the challenge. He rubs his hands with glee ahead of the big games. I mean, Jorge Costa put George Weah in his pocket (referring to Milan 2 Porto 3), he didn't need the other one, thats how good Jorge Costa is. Weah was so wound up that he head-butted him in the return game"

Bobby Robson
couldn't agree more with that statement.
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