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This year Lazio has proved that we are a great team and can beat any team in the world.

I hope and think that we will win the league this year but although I think we can beat Valencia on tuesday I don´t think we will win the CL this year (but I hope ofcourse!)

So our main objective for next season should be the CL.

Although we have a great team we need some reinforcements.

here is what I was thinking.

Goalkeeper: Marchegiani is a good keeper but we need a new one. Toldo would be a great keeper for Lazio I think

Defenders: we need at least 2 new defenders. First of all a first class central defender next to nesta. how about Samuel Kouffour from Bayern München? I saw him in the game against Real Madrid and he was great! strong, very good on his head, hard to pass.

***** and Pancaro has proven themselves to be real good this season, but we need one more.

Midfielders: We have real good midfielders. Nedved-Veron-Almeyda is a real good line up for the midfield. The only weak I feel is on the right wing where I think we should get Figo from Barcelona. To me he´s one of the best players in Europe, always working hard never doing a bad match. he also scores alot of goals. Fiore if he comes should be if not in the starting line-up a good sub.

Attackers: Keep Salas and Inzaghi, dump Bocksic and Ravanelli. The two new attackers should be Claudio Lopez and Martin Palermo.

Palermo is the closest thing to Vieri there is so if we can´t get Vieri get Palermo. We need a strong attacker next to Salas or Inzaghi.

The line up for next season:


***** - Nesta - Kouffour - Pancaro

Nedved - Almeyda - Veron - Figo

Palermo - Inzaghi

For next season we should also get rid of Simeone, he´s just not up to the job

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Figo plays to the left.

For next season I hope to see 3 new players in Lazio and I honestly think that it´s suicide to keep buying super expensive players.

It bothers me that there is no news about how Concetti ( Lazio´s youth goalie ) is doing, I heard once that he was voted best player of the most important youth tournament but since then - nothing.

The loan / sell of Baronio wasn´t smart and I think it sucks that he won´t be with us but since it´s obvious the kid wants to be a starter not a sub ( Salas is sometimes a sub but this kid won´t be ?? ) so we can´t use him. I think it would be excellent if we could take back Baronio but the whole deal seems infected ( I sure don´t want to buy him back ).

Jorgensen on the left would be a great buy and Laursen in the middle could be a suprise player although it seems like Roma is also after him. I guess our central defence has one more season but when we play counter attacking teams we are always exposed.

Simeone could be traded for Kily Gonzales if we offer Valencia cash to make up for the difference ( remember that Simeone is a first squad player in the Argentinian national ). Sensini has one more season in Lazio, however that can´t be said for Lombardo, Marcolin and Ravanelli. The future of Pinizi will be decided and I´m pretty sure he´ll go on loan but I´d hate for Lazio to end up like Inter - loaning our best players and then never taking them back ( Pirlo, Dabo, Zanetti, Ventola ) they have a string of great players.

The biggest issue for next season is Stankovic, Eriksson can´t say he´s a failure because he doesn´t get to play enough games but something needs to be done because he is getting worse and worse. The situation could be such that Lazio will offer him a new contract with sustained salary and keep a high price on him if someone wants to buy him. Selling Stankovic would be a great loss because then Lazio have acted like a breeding school, giving Stankovic experience and training but not harnessing the good.

Sign a new contract with the player and give him on loan for a season with a team that will let him play - why not Valencia.

Lopez is a great player that will keep the opponents scared but he´s no Vieri remember that kids - Lopez will have a thougher time scoring in Serie A then in La Primera and there he has only scored 7 or so goals this season. Still Lopez is probably the best attacker in La Primera along with my fav Raul :). If we where looking for a Vieri type of player then Savo Milosevic is a good pick ( probably see him in Roma next season ).

There will be exciting times to come and hopefully we´ll be a part of it.

Forza Lazio !!
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