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how do you feel about Inter?

  • Are you happier?

    Votes: 1 5.9%
  • I just feel as bad as last year

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • I Feel as bad as last year but with more hope

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • As bad as last year and no hope at all

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Last year I used to feel better

    Votes: 8 47.1%

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This is truly one question and poll for Inter fan since an outsider can´t really feel love for our team.

This is very easy.

Looking back at last year and the previous season, are you happier now with our current situation, than at the same time last year?

This is not to argue if we are playing better or getting good or bad results, if we have good enough players or coaches. It´s the whole picture, does this Inter make you happier now, its the same as last year, or are you sadder?

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Feel Better of course.

Although Cuper had a good run of things...(credits to him). There are very little opportunities for attackers to excel. The system now is made available to attacking play and initiative play. The back 3 is just logical. Recoba looked good in this system. We can know how good he can be.

Sure I hope to win all the time, and I do belive that Zac is in the building process. The system shld click.

Also , Adriano & Stankovic's arrival is also a factor towards the 'happy', since its better for them to start early. Moratti's 'retirement'. Recoba's revival. Good Results vs Juve. Eliakwu-in-first-team-training. BOBO celebrating. Emerson's Rumour etc.... also inter.it quicktime match highlights. :star:

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Perhaps because cuper was sacked and we still haven't seen a consistant inter after Zac's arrival. He's done many things that are noteworthy but not as impressive as cuper's impact when he first came. Cuper solidified the team in it's defensive sense and we have seen a ridiculously strong defense that we have missed throughout the inter history.
I shouldn't jump into conclusions but one can ponder that if cuper got sacked, what are Zac's chances?

It is great to see an inter playing in its natural form, 352, but even that , we have yet to see a consistantly dangerous inter. Zac is very ambiguous in terms of his press comments and his optimism is a bit tiring. It seems that he puts the pressure of the entire club on the shoulder of a playmaker, which we don't have. I understand having a playmaker COULD make a difference, especially Totti whom Zac has been drooling over, but I wonder if he is the sole solution.

Some of the players seem to be playing to their potentials as chino continues to find form.

Kallon's ban is disappointing, and Vieri's situation is being a distraction to his performance on the field; Emre is having a rough season; Andy VDM has yet to display his true worth; kily's position is unknown and his value has declined greatly. Luciano didn't make the cut.

Not signing Fadiga might have turned out to be advantagous just because the overwhelming of players.

The recent signings are a bit of a cheer, we still don't know if stanko can deliever but Adriano is a pleasant surprise. We'll have to wait and see.

(i tried to talk about the generals but it's hard to share without mentioning some of the details)

Players are inconsistant; the club has serious internal problems; Zac is a question mark, don't even know if he will stay for next season; and on top of that, Moratti's resignition was an illusion.
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