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I am posting here to let you know there has been a sudden change in the FMs of your forum because Bonita has had to leave us. I always looked to Bonita to be someone who was very level-headed and kind, and I’m sure you who were in her forums will miss her as much as I do! I am supplying you with 2 exact quotes so you can see the explanations yourselves.

As Jan explained it to us in the CM forum:

Finally is it just not me who is missing as you may have noticed. Bonita have dropped out so to speak as she suddenly got some career opportunities she simply had to grab even if it meant dropping Xtratime right away. I asked her to announce it herself, but apparently it was really instant and she has not come back.

Bonita’s exact words sent to Jan:

Due to professional advancement, I wish to step down as forum manager and administrator.

As you know, I will be away on assignment in Europe from 4-15 April (ref. CM forum thread). As I am preparing for the journey, I was notified this morning that the museum in Marseilles has agreed to extend my contract as curator/lecturer for another 18 months. While this is certainly a dream come true, the catch is, I have to start work as soon as May. What does that mean? It means, I will barely have time to pack upon returning to NYC on 15 April (!) My new job will involve much trans Atlantic travelling and will affect my ability to be online on a regular basis. In addition, I have also received a grant to complete my new book, the time I need to devote to this project will make it very difficult to continue as XT administrator.
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