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1-Who is the best team of all times in ITALY?
-Juventus,but between 86 and 95 where were they,Milan is
the one and only at that time.They were the best and you know the rest.Juventus came back...
2-Who is the best team of all times in SPAIN?
-Real Madrid,remember them when Cruyff did his best in the Barca bench,played them a magnificent football and then
godfather returned to his job(2 CL. CUP,Barca won only 1 at all times)
3-Who is the best team of all times in GERMANY?
-Bayern Münih,Dortmund domination is the reality in the second part of the 90's finally the big boss returned and you remember well what was going on at the last Bundesliga season.
The same things can be saying for Benfica-Porto,Ajax-Psv,Liverpool-Man.Utd.(Liverpool served a sentence for HEYSEL,this is the explanation for the place of them at the
premier league)
-And the question of the post WHO IS THE BEST TEAM OF ALL TIMES IN TURKIYE?
-Fenerbahçe,are you forget the last 4 or probably last 10
years of the Turkish football without Fenerbahçe,don't forget this and don't forget"LEGENDS ARE ALWAYS LEGENDS BECAUSE NOBODY CAN DESTROY THEM"too.We will be back for the
people who love the football and Türkiye Cumhuriyeti forever.We are the football club,we are the turkish side and
we are the club of republic,we have a club we call republic.
We must trust them again and again,nobody loves their club like us and no team has got fans like us.But this club always be at the top not only in Türkiye but all over the world.We love them like our parents or children.These people
can do a lot of bad things but our love is not decrease for a milimeter.Like Fenerbahçe if they relegate from the 1division and we love them as a champion again.AND THE LAST ONE:TIME IS THE ONLY THING TO SHOW US THE REALITY WHAT WE KNOW FROM TIME.FENERBAHÇE FROM 1900,FROM 1907,FROM 1923...

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no offense other fener fans but ý dnt even know why u posted this here. It just doesnt make sense. you are going through some emotýonal moments ý guess:cool:

Ýt will just end up in a stupid argument like"ohh who won the most champýonship, **** u ,we dýd, no we dýd etc...we r the greatest..."
and on and on and on...waste of your precious time...

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Understand,understand what can you understand from this?
-Nothing, so your reply is worthless for me.You must understand one thing that we aren't aristocrat like you,our nucleus is coming from our folk.This is the reason why we are always no:1 in Türkiye.
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