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Footballaid in Scotland

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(We had this sent to our email)
Feel free to delete it if you want.

Please find our latest press release about or Charity Football event at
Hampden the 5th of June. As this might interest your readers.

I hope that you find this of interest to you and look forward to
hearing how you think we can work with you in the future. We will, of course,
keep you in the loop regarding press releases and relevant photos for
your use and hope to hear from you soon.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me by email or
look at our website www.footballaid.com.

Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors
Scotland is a land of five million people. A proud people, passionate
about their country and her noble heritage. For every single Scot in
their native land, there are thought to be at least five more overseas who
can claim Scots ancestry - that's many, many millions spread throughout
the world.
For you, Scotland is home. And, of course, there's no place like it. A
trip to Scotland - a journey back home - is surely the best way to feel
connected to this ancient land. A way to feel part of something greater
than the here and now. A way to truly belong and be where your heart
If the roots of your family tree are linked to the great land of Scots,
and your heart truly belongs to Scotland, what could then be more
fulfilling than playing sport for your country, emulating the famous
sporting teams of the past. With Football Aid, that dream of playing soccer in
the dark blue of Scotland can come true in a professionally refereed
game of soccer for charity?

Football Aid’s ‘Play for Scotland’ event at Hampden, is Football Aid’s
second international event in association with the SFA and their
sponsors BT Scotland. In an exciting development of the very successful
Football Aid formula, dedicated fans get the chance to ‘Live the Ultimate
Dream’ and play in an officiated 90 minute game alongside former Scottish
football heroes. Danny McGrain, Gordon McQueen and Gary McAllister are
just a few of the legends who showed their support to Football Aid last
year by supporting the event. This year’s game takes place on 5th June
– a massive week for Scottish football all round with the World Cup
qualifiers against Moldova on the 4th and Belarus on the 8th.

A colossus as captain of Club and Country and Football Aid’s Vice
Patron, Danny McGrain said,

“This event is fantastic for Scottish football – it is a novel idea
which gives something back to the fans, a thanks for their continued and
dedicated support. The chance to experience footballing glory on a
personal level at Hampden is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the fact
the money raised goes to charity, helping many people, makes it all the
more special.”

Football Aid are a fundraising organization allowing our Charity, Field
of Dreams, to distribute grants to diabetes research, education and
management related activities plus community charities nominated by our
partner organizations (multi-beneficiary). We fundraise through
designing, selling and managing a “Live the Dream” product as part of
Professional Football's Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda.

We are the most web-enabled Soccer Charity in the UK surpassing 50
million web hits in the last four years, attracting major media interest
and have driven global participation with fans, contributing
significantly to the reputation gain of the sport. We have delivered over 200 officiated Soccer games on a UK Club, European and National stage enabling more than 6,000 players to "Live the Dream" - playing in an officiated 90 minute game on the hallowed turf of the Club they support. In the past we have had players from all over the world a far as New Zealand, North and South America and the Far East.

In addition to living the dream, our participants get to play with
their Country’s heroes; each team has a former legend playing and often, a former player managing and shouting instructions from the touchline.

If you want to find out more information visit our website at
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looks interesting, may check it out and see if i get picked :)

have you done it before balis?
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