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Football won!!! (creation won against suffocation!)

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The best side just made history!
after the world cup, football's best team just won itself the European Championship!!!!!
They deserved it

Allez les Bleus!!!!
Zidane est le meilleur!!!

p.s_ Who again said S. Inzaghi was better than T. Henri?! Oh it was Svennis! After tonight is there even a question who's better?! WAs there even a doubt?!?!
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I can't go without complimenting my Lazio defender, Alessandro Nesta who had a great Euro.
Nesta, you were awesome but T. Henri and the blues were just better
France is the luckiest team in the world.
This is a sad night for me.
Well... not really the luckiest... but the best!


it's a shame to win like this !! against Italy and Portugal
Italy have done the best match in Euro2000 ! Nesta was great Cannavaro too
I'm sorry for them they deserve be the champions
That's for sure Italy is the best team in the world right now
france was lucky to win the world cup and now they are lucky to win euro2000....luck shattered italy's dreams. italy deserved it without a doubt.

bad things happen to good teams. eg: italy98, 2000, portuglal2000, brazil98, spain2000.

i am sick and tired of seeing that damn blues celebrating something that they dont deserve.
Please be serious and shut up. I'm not joking.
The best 2 teams went out in the semis and that's a fact :(
So I didn't have favourites tonight and was looking for a good game which in fact wasn't especially 1st half.Italy proved they can play well when they want and French looked pretty desorganised towards the end and only luck gave them equaliser.But even if you're a die-hard French fan you can't deny that France had a BIG amount of luck on both WC98 and EC2000.Come on, all those golden goals, penalties, etc... I thought when they seemed like losing:Where is their luck now? And indeed, they got it! But don't be overconfident: This is it for you. Some great players won't be there in 2 years and the luck will leave you.Without that France won't reach even the semis in WC2002 :)
1) France deserved the Cup.They were the best team in the tournament and I personally dont think why someone could think the opposite.Classy team.

2) Italy proved they can play great football when they want.During the whole tournament they played boring and catenaccio but tonight they played great.Had Italy played this way in every game (or at least try to play this way) they would hve won,not only my respect but also my support.Frankly,the only game when I understand Italy's defencive tactic was gainst Netherlands,but still they played the same before Zambrotta's dimission.

3) Who sis France has no future? let me make a good guess on their starting line up at WC2002.

Barthez (or Frey)

Thuram Cristanval Djetou Candela

Pires Zidane Vieira Dalmat

Henry Trezeguet

I personally see a really strong team.Thuram,Zidane and Candela will be all 30,Pires 29 and the rest hardly 25.
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(i won't even reply to some of the comments i've read)
i'm glad that you agree with me that France was the best team in the tournament. They played very great football and were solid in every component (defense, midfield, attack). If you like good football, you should love this France team that is full of creativity, confidence, and class. Simply no equal in the tournament!

p.s_ Amo, what's the deal with Crespo? Is he coming to Lazio or not?
And what happened to Parma wanting Rui Costa?
We got Alex and Micoud for his position so we dont need him anymore.Besides,Viola will not sell him.At least this year...
Maxim, I can accept the fact when you say that France won Euro2000, but when you say they deserve it and that they were the best team, you've either got to be watching the wrong game or you have tunnel vision????
Zidane was supposed to be the "all conquering midfielder", the engine of France....where was he???? Did he score? Did he even get close to scoring? You talk about Italy not playing well enough to get your support....if you like to check your tv guide or even ask another soccer/football supporter, you will be able to find out who was in the Final of Euro2000? Italy I believe will be one of the answers you will receive. And according to you they didnt play any good? So what if it was boring? So what if it was dull? Results is what the people want, Results is what Zoff gave! Give me the italian team over the French any day! Give me a 10yr olds view of Euro2000 over Maxim's view any day too!
from your comments one can see that you're a blinded poor looser. With that being said, you don't even deserve an answer because you don't know the first thing about football and you are probably frustrated after seing a superior French team beat your Italy.
Maxim, being in the US, you have probably mistaken Euro2000 for a superbowl or basketball game....but thats ok, well all make mistakes and we can all learn from them. Rave on with the French, this is why you come to the LAZIO forum from the country of ITALY...?????? If you are here because you follow lazio, pls by all means name the french players currently in Lazio's first eleven? You neednt bother responding, not because you dont think i deserve an answer, but simply because you cannot come back with one? FORZA ITALIA, FORZA LAZIO!!!!! :)
Enz, don't take this the wrong way...never mind I don't care how you take this after reading such a dumb comment. How can you dare to say such things about Zidane. Ask any coach in the tournament, even Zoff, and i guarantee he will say that Zizou is the best player in the world. Your argument is "did he score", the absolute worst argument i've ever heard. Have you ever watched France play before? Do you know that Zidane is the creator, not the goal scorer? Of course you would also not take the time to realise that the Italians did a brilliant job in the first half of cutting off his supply of the ball. And if you say he is not all conquering, again you are sorely mistaken. He has conquered Europe and the world with a level of skill, composure, and confidence that i have not seen in a while. How can you not rate the French team above the Italians. I dare say that you have lead me to believe that you are nothing more then some guy trying to start an argument. I'll concede this, the Italians defense is better. Nesta, and Co. were great. But in terms of attack, team spirit, creativity and willingness, France is superior. I believe yours is the view of a 10 year old. I am fed up with posts that have no substance to them. Too much emotion in posts, not enough intelligent talk!!!!
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Answering you would be giving you and what you wrote some importance... while, from your comments (of idiot), you don't have any!

This is getting ridiculous! I'm out!
Allez Les Bleus!
Allez La Lazio!!!!
Could not have said it better CarlosMiguel!
Carlos no offence taken! :) Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I am glad you have voiced yours. However you have taken the context of my "opinion" the wrong way. I based my opinion on the Final of Euro2000. Zidane maybe the best player in the world, but based on the final of Euro2000, that opinion does not hold any water. Granted he showed glimpses of his class, his little flicks, his turns etc...but as you said yourself, his supply was cut off and hence was not able to perform to how he is used to playing? You must admit there was frustration showed on his part? You could see it in his face and you could see it in his playing. Looking for an argument? No...Voicing my opinion? Yes!!!! The Italians played their defending game to a Tee...and then when they had the chance countered with ease! Del Piero didnt have the most brilliant game, and lucky for the french because those 2 goals that he could've had, would've been goals if he was at his best! No, I am sorry Carlos but Italia is still above the French for me.....and you being "fed up with posts that have no substance to them. Too much emotion in posts, not enough intelligent talk..." well we have something in common, because i too am fed up. Fed up with people who dont have the decency to READ what people are saying before going off on their high horse and making a lot of false accusations!
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Ahhhh thanks (i think?????) Maxim for your 2 lined response....
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