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Good evening all,

By way of a quick introduction I work for the Football Supporters' Federation in the UK (www.fsf.org.uk), who represent the interests of football supporters from all clubs across the country. As part of our work, we produce a guide to all cities that British clubs face in Europe, and that's what brings me here.

As you'll obviously already know, those lovely fans from Arsenal will be paying a visit to the Stadio Olimpico in March in the Champions League, and the FSF will be producing their usual guide to Rome for all the travelling cockneys.

For an idea of the sort of thing we produce, check out our guide to CSKA Moscow (Aston Villa will be playing them in the UEFA Cup in February) - http://www.fsf.org.uk/ground-guide/international-clubs/cska-moscow/.

I'm looking for a few people who may be helpful enough to provide some insider info on Roma and places to go/see/eat/sleep around the city. While we can always find our information on Google/Wikipedia we find that the best recommendations come from people who know the city, and that sort of insider information is what football fans want to hear about.

If there's anyone who thinks they could be of some help, please drop me a message through this site, or email me at [email protected]

Many thanks (or should that be 'grazie'?)

Garreth @ the FSF.
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