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Hi there, I'm interested to know what you like most about the fan culture, styles of support etc.. in football.

This can be just fans of certain clubs or countries you really like, regional styles of support, particular songs or actions, unique events, funny things you once saw, flares, tifo's, local rivalries... as long as it's related to what goes on around the game.

Examples would be Argentinian songs, Liverpool fans singing "You'll never walk alone", some legendary pitch invasion, the Korean fans at the world cup, fans getting together at tournaments, music in the stands...

Any suggestions?

Photos or youtube clips are very welcome :thumbsup:

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We have a cup here called All Nations Cup. Immigrants from different countries put together teams, and there are qualifying stages, group stages, finals, everything. Best fans since around 04 have been Bosnia. Last final there might have been around 200 of us.


Tomorrow our team Bosna I Hercegovina, have a friendly against the Seattle Sounders, there will be up to a hundred of us, and maybe around 50 Sounders fans.

We have chants, and songs organized for tomorrow. My dad is filming, and if everything looks good, I will get help from BHF, to make a cool Youtube Video.
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