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Just wondering what the average fan thought.

No Im not a reporter, just somebody who loves to spend their time asking useless, pointless questions . . . .

Sometimes U watch football and think, how the fk does this player not put 100% into the game. . .

I mean you can spot players off form and thats fine, but really, am I alone in thinking that most footballers these days dont really give a flyin fk about football. It doesnt matter who you play for, if you love the game you should give as much as possible for whatever team you play for.

With this in mind, are there many players (I dont mean some, I mean a majority of top players) whom people can say give 100% every or most game!

The majority of players I could name would be the ones whom have to give that little bit more to make up for their lack of top class ability as opposed to players whom just want to give it their all.

Really, I suppose, money has in my opinion, ruined football. Has made footballers peak early only because they can rest on their wholes for the rest of their lives, while the decent to good footballers bust their humps to look better then they are (Terry, lampard, neville, carragher . . . ).
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