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I know it's the NotW, but f*cking hell....he`s a [email protected] of the highest order, especially that Sir Bobby Robson remark

Poor Silkman, only got £20k out of the Toure deal? The deal between Arsenal and his youth team was worth about £150k, so I would say he's done well enough out of it.

He says himself, hes a multi-millionaire. So what has he got to complain about?

Absolute scumbag. Goes without saying really.


I told Sir Bobby Robson: I hope your cancer spreads
and you f****** suffer for f****** years

LAST WEEK we exposed the scandal of the £65,000 that went missing when Yakubu moved from Julius Berger in Nigeria to Israel's Maccabi Haifa.

The man at the centre of the deal was agent Barry Silkman who claims he has done nothing wrong.

But in a series of taped conversations with chief football writer ROB BEASLEY, (right) Silkman reveals in his own words the foul-mouthed contempt in which he appears to hold FIFA's rules on transfers and how he sickeningly abused one of the most revered figures in the game.

"I got f***ed by Newcastle and I ended up taking them to court. I settled for 25 grand when they owed me 100 grand.

"I took a player (Acuna) there (Newcastle) on trial. His club wanted $2.5m but I said don't pay it because they have got to sell the player.

"He ended up signing for 900 grand and yet they (Newcastle) still f****d me. Bobby Robson was my first manager at Fulham. I'd always kept in contact and I said ‘Bob how could you let them f*** me?'

"You know what he said? ‘You don't count. I'm the only one that counts. That's your hard luck."

"So you know what I said to him? I said: ‘I have a wife and a young daughter and a f*****g mortgage and you've turned round and said that to me.

"I said: ‘See that cancer on your nose? I hope it spreads all over your face and that you live a f*****g long, long, long life because the longer you live the more you will f*****g suffer.

Robson"‘There's only one God and he's looking down at us two now and he's saying ‘Whose side am I on?' And let me tell you, Bob, it ain't f*****g yours because I have never f****d anyone in my life. F*** knows how many people you have f****d', and I walked out.'"

Silkman negotiated with then Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd over his commission on the Acuna deal.

"Freddy Shepherd came on the phone to me and went over the deal with me. I said: ‘Do I get it in writing?' and he said, ‘Yes, you will have it in writing.'

"When I went to the lawyer...I had it all on tape. I sent the tape to a journalist, 17 minutes and 18 seconds of him (Shepherd) saying to me: ‘I will never do you up, I will always look after you, I'm not that type of person. If we are going to sign the player I promise you, I guarantee you you will get paid.'

"I had the conversation on the Saturday morning and they signed him (Acuna) on the Tuesday. I took him there on trial, I paid for everything but they (Newcastle) never even offered me the money I had laid out."

When Sport of the World confronted Silkman over the missing $170,000 from the deal which took Yakubu from Julius Berger to Maccabi Haifa, he claimed the money was pocketed by the former chairman of the Nigerian club, Chief Daniel Idama, who died earlier this year.

"We all know where it went. It went into five Nigerian pockets. You have got to go to Nigeria...to speak to the geezer who is dead.

"You will end up with a dead man. You will have to have a seance. I'm not defending it but what you're saying is ‘What a difference this could have made to Julius Berger.' But what the f*** has that got to do with anyone in England, what happens to some geezer in Nigeria?

"Big deal. So what? Let's say, as an example, the chairman owns the club. The chairman has put $1m into the club and never had a penny, yeah? But all of a sudden he can do a deal where he says ‘F*** it, I can put $30,000 into the club and $170,000 into my pocket', so is he ripping himself off?

"Let's say I got 100 grand — which I didn't — for the Yakubu deal, well what a f*****g good deal I done!

"Because Maccabi Haifa made millions, Portsmouth made millions and Middlesbrough made millions.

"So if I had got 100 or 200 grand out of it, f*****g big deal. What a blinding favour he done, Barry Silkman. He got 200 grand and has earned us millions. What a blinding deal.

"Nobody made any complaints about the transfer. What happens if everybody had a million out of it? What's the problem with that?

"This is what I don't get, what's the problem with that? It's not robbing...Julius Berger got money out of it. You printed ‘Barry Silkman was well looked after...' If I made the club £3m aren't I entitled to some money? The money I got from Yakubu was about one and a half per cent of his transfer fee — and half that money I paid to some c*** in South Africa. Big f*****g deal.

"I have earned everyone millions...and I have had £100,000 out of it. Big f*****g deal.

"Yakubu was 17 and he was on $100 a month. They (Julius Berger) had never had an offer for him in his life. The whole salary for the whole of the club was $40,000 a year and they got 600 people at their games. He (Yakubu) was playing in Nigeria and half the players leave there for nothing. So if someone offers $20,000 or $10,000, to them it is a fortune."

"Someone spoke to the geezer in Nigeria (current chairman, Kuti Adewale) and he says ‘We have been tricked.' But he wasn't even at the club, that fella. What the f*** does he know about nine years ago?

"If the owner of the club has taken the money has he cheated the club?

"If he can sell five players for £50m and decides to take $40m of it, who has he tricked? It is his club. Oh yeah (in England) it goes through the books. Yeah, we know, we're in England not in f*****g Nigeria.

"If someone says to me, ‘This money has gone missing in Nigeria', who the f*** is interested in that?

"No one's interested that someone in Nigeria has nicked some money."

Silkman claims he has documentation which proves he paid the money from the Yakuba deal to Amodu Shaibu, a representative of Julius Berger, after the transfer fee was wired to Silkman's bank account. As he admits, it was not signed by any witnesses. The bank gave me a bit of paper...and I put it in writing. I have found the original piece of paper signed in the bank in front of two bank people.

"I wrote it out in my hand and he (Shaibu) has signed and dated it. At the bottom I wrote ‘Receipt' and that was it. He (Shaibu) signed it.

"There were two people at the bank. I said: ‘Can you look while he signs it?' They just looked, but you don't think nothing's wrong. It was just people working in the bank."

"All I remember is that he (Shaibu) took all the money. He must have left me behind some money because if I paid for anything, I could claim it out of his commission.

"He must have said to me at the time: ‘Instead of giving me $200,000, you have got to give me $195,000 because you laid out this money.' I don't even remember."

"There's that letter saying (Julius Berger received) $30,000. When they got back, they have gone: ‘Oh f*** me, you have this, I'll have this, you have this. We will walk away with this and we will put this through the football club. That's why it (the fee for Yakubu) must have been changed. I suppose they wanted to stick the rest of the money in their bin (pocket)."

Incredibly, Silkman believes he has made a telling contribution to the fabric of English football.

"You should be praising me for Yakubu. The problem is, all the media has a problem with agents.

"They don't say: ‘What a fantastic job Barry Silkman has done. Without him, Yakubu would not be here, Mark Schwarzer wouldn't be here.

"If it wasn't for him (Silkman) Lucas Neill wouldn't be here. I don't have to say it because it is a fact. You should say this, not me. You are saying this, this, this...you should be saying it. You're on your f*****g high horse. No one puts it in the paper, no one even talks about that. They only talk about all agents take money, take money, take money. Ask Arsene Wenger about Kolo Toure. He had never f*****g heard of him till I sent him there.

"He's worth f*****g millions but I ended up with 20 f*****g poxy grand.

"Ask (Arsenal chief scout) Steve Rowley who put him on a plane to watch (Robin) Van Persie. Van Persie's worth millions while the agent got £9,000."

Silkman also claims he has nothing to fear from any possible investigation into the mystery surrounding the missing money from the Yakubu deal.

"Controversial I am, but I'm not a villain. I'm controversial, but I don't do anything that's wrong.

"I haven't done anything where a football club has come back and said ‘You know he has f****d us', but I have been f****d a lot of times.

"I don't care. I'm a multi-millionaire backed by a f*****g billionaire. I don't care, I don't give a f***. I have earned all the money straight, every f*****g penny I earned was straight.

"I have paid 40 per cent tax out on every penny I have ever f*****g earned every year so I don't give a f***."

"I have David Lampitt (FA compliance officer) coming in 10 or 12 days and he will be f*****g annihilated.

"If he even mentions Yakubu he will be thrown out the door because when the deal was done I was not under the jurisdiction of the FA.

"Let's say I nicked £1m out of the deal. I'm not under the jurisdiction of the FA, I wasn't licensed by the FA so how can the FA investigate the deal?

"Where the agent isn't licensed by the FA and the two clubs involved do not belong to the FA, it is illegal for them to investigate the deal.

"They can't even look at the f*****g deal, they can't investigate it because I was licenced in Switzerland, not England. It is illegal. It is the same as English police investigating a murder in Italy. They aren't allowed to look at the documents, so if they look at one document I'm suing."

Even business partners are not safe from Silkman's torrent of abuse as he details a conversation with a former associate.

"I sent him a text and I said, ‘(If) you ever, ever try to f*** me again, ever... If you come to England, I'll f***ing smash you right around the head. I absolutely f***ing annihilated him (muffled) and I said to him if you, ever, ever do that again, and you come back here I'll f***ing take you to court, get your passport confiscated, and I'll f***ing take you to court, you c***.'"

Earlier last week, Silkman told another newspaper he would be sueing the News of the World and claimed: "As a kid, my dad once told me that when you go to war with someone you have to make sure you are in the right and know who you are going to war with." On tape, he repeats that threat.

"Two million pounds has already been put into my account by the guy that is my backer and he's told me that's the amount of money I have to sue the News of the World."

BARRY SILKMAN expresses surprise agents are not held in greater esteem by the media and football fans in general.

After his wretched and foul-mouthed rantings on these pages, is it any wonder some of his kind are despised as parasites?

Rarely has one man shown such a lack of morality for football's conventions. Rarely has one man illustrated so vividly what is wrong with the sport.

Silkman talks a good game. He boasts how he will sue the News of the World for a seven-figure sum. We look forward to hearing from his lawyers.

But we look forward even more to the day when his kind are driven from the game. For good.

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CONTROVERSIAL agent Barry Silkman has been branded a ‘sick fantasist' after his stomach-churning attack on Sir Bobby Robson.

Silkman is at the centre of the scandal over the missing £65,000 from a transfer involving Premiership star Yakubu.

And last week in Sport of the World he stunned the game by saying how he hoped Sir Bobby (right) would ‘suffer for f****** years' with cancer.

His sickening statement centred on Clarence Acuna's 2001 transfer from Chile to Newcastle when Sir Bobby was in charge at St James' Park.

But a friend of Sir Bobby's said: "When you've been in the game for as long as Bob has, nothing should surprise you.

"This, though, has completely shocked him. Firstly, he had nothing to do with transfers at Newcastle, that was chairman Freddy Shepherd's job, so he wasn't involved with the Acuna deal.

"Secondly, he never had a conversation with Silkman and he certainly would have remembered it if Silkman had used that kind of language.

"He can't understand why Silkman is spinning these sick fantasies.

"Bobby is one of the most revered figures in football - he doesn't deserve to be dragged into this by somebody like Silkman."
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