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*the drum drum*
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GK: Iker Casillas (24)
DR: Carles Puyol (27)
DL: Fabio Aurelio (26)
DC: Lucio (27)
DC: John Terry (24)
MR: David Beckham (30)
ML: Ronaldinho (25)
MC: Michael Ballack (29)
MC: Patrick Vieira (29)
FC: Zlatan Ibrahimovic (24)
FC: Thierry Henry (28)

S1: Petr Cech (23)
S2: Gianluca Zambrotta (28)
S3: Cristian Chivu (25)
S4: Steven Gerrard (25)
S5: Arjen Robben (21)
S6: Wayne Rooney (20)
S7: Samuel Eto'o (24)

My side is based on the game's starting season. If I wanted a future side, I'd have dropped some of those 29-30 year olds.. Not 28 year olds, Henry stays! :finger:

Unbelievable how good Beckham is, even until he reaches the age of about 34-35. Subs based on versatility as well as just being damn good players..

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GK: Sebastien Frey
DR: Molinero
DL: Molinaro
DC: Helguera
DC: Vagner Leonardelli
MR: David Beckham
ML: Vaz Te
MC: Gravesen
MC: Makalele
FC: Azar Karadas
FC: James Keene

S1: Agassa
S2: Del Horno
S3: Mettomo
S4: Grosso
S5: Priskin
S6: Robinho
S7: Makinwa

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GK: Seba Frey
DR: Tomas Ujfalusi
DL: Manuel Pasqual
DC: Per Kroldrup
DC: Dario Dainelli
DM: Christian Brocchi
DM: Marco Donadel
AMR: Luis Jimenez
AMC: Riccardo Montolivo
AML: Martin Jorgensen
ST: Luca Toni

SUB1: Bogdan Lobont
SUB2: Alessandro Gamberini
SUB3: Giuseppe Pancaro
SUB4: Stefano Fiore
SUB5: Michele Pazienza
SUB6: Valeri Bojinov
SUB7: Giampaolo Pazzini


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this team is all who has performed well for me, not who the best players are

GK: ivan dazzi (castelnouvo) made unbalevable saves and is only 20
DR: bellati(barcelona) solid and kept puyol on bench at some points,
DL: ricardo gardner(bolton) solid and was great at getting foreword
DC: jonathan woodgate(real) was best defender in my barca net game
DC: matthew upson(brum) got on free when i goe shef utd in prem,
DM: cambiasso(inter) bought for 8m in man utd game and was very solid
AM :ronaldiniho(barca) split defences open every game
AMR: paul ifil(shef utd) scored 17 goals from midfield was very good
AML:ashley young(watford) got in stockport game for 12k my best buy
FC: samual eto(barca) my top scorer, scored some brilliant goals
FC: wayne rooney(man utd) worked his socks off

SUB1: victor valdes(barca) kept many clean sheets
SUB2: rio ferdinand(man utd) was great last man tackler
SUB3: phil jagielka(shef utd) great all round performer
SUB4: mark van bommel(barca) scored loads from(dm) and great with ball
SUB5: moscardin(castel) scored loads from midfield
SUB6: shevchenko(milan) scored more than 30 goals,
SUB7: andrea soncin(atlanta) 35k of pavel, went to score 20+ goals

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Pavel said:
:D hehe if i was to make a team on being biased it would have looked like this

GK: Azar Karadas
DR: Azar Karadas
DL: Azar Karadas
DC: Azar Karadas
DC: Azar Karadas
DM: Azar Karadas
DM: Azar Karadas
AMR: Azar Karadas
AMC: Azar Karadas
AML: Azar Karadas
ST: Azar Karadas

SUB1: Azar Karadas
SUB2: Azar Karadas
SUB3: Azar Karadas
SUB4: Azar Karadas
SUB5: Azar Karadas
SUB6: Azar Karadas
SUB7: Azar Karadas


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based on players that have been good for me:

GK: Robert Green
DR: Phil Jagielka
DL: Stephen McManus
DC: Anton Ferdinand
DC: Curtis Davies
MR: Frank Ribery
ML: Kevin Larsen
MC: Joey Barton
MC: Sean Davis
ST: Craig Beattie
ST: Fred

As you can probably tell my teams dont normally have a lot of cash to splash.

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GK: Fabio(Brazilian 16 when the game starts perhaps not avaliable on your games)
DR:Colocchini SW/DC:Jorge Andrade DC:Garay DL:not too sure
DM:A.Vera or Dusher
MC:not too sure I use Fabregas he is good but not the best MVB is also good.
ST:Neto(another underaged Brazilian the new Fred)

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Most of these players are made up, but great for Dorchester :thumbsup:

Also included some from my Lyon game

GK-Craig Bradshaw
DR-Steve Douglas
DL-Mark Spencer
DC-Gary Midleton
DC-Bobo Balde
MR-Sean Lyons
MC-Callum Mcdonald
ML-Ben Arfa
FC-Alexandr Kershakov
FC-Matt Grooves

David Pizzaro
Dan Dean
Jaques Faty

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And I never had him in my squad :depress:

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Not necessarily the best team, but the team of players I most like on FM:

GK: Greg Etafia (Moroka Swallows)
DR: Anthony Vanden Borre (Anderlecht)
DL: Fabio Grosso (Palermo)
DC: Leandro Gioda (Lanús)
DC: Ezquiel Garay (Racing Santander)
DM: Freddy Guarín (Envigado on loan to Boca)
MR: Hosain Kaebi (Foolad)
ML: Fabio Santos (Sao Paulo)
AM: João Moutinho (Sporting)
FC: Carlos Tevez (Corinthians)
FC: Fred (Lyon)

This team would utterly destroy in 2010 IMO.
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