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Thomas Flögel has claimed Celtic defender Bobo Balde almost broke his legs with a lunging challenge during Wednesday's SPL clash.

The tackle came at the end of Hearts' 2-0 defeat by the league leaders at Celtic Park and Flögel said: "It was one of the worst I've had. He came at me with a straight leg and I was very lucky not to be injured.

"I slid in to keep the ball in play, so I expected him to come and tackle me, but not in that kamikaze fashion."

The Austrian suggested Balde was playing up to his hardman image. "It was already 2-0 and the game was over, but the tackle was made to play to the fans, which made me really angry.

"If he had hit me full on, both my legs would have been broken.

"He is a lot stronger than me and has legs like a horse. Henrik Larsson came up to me after it and said that was just Bobo and the way he is. It wasn't right and he should know better," he added.
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