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I just watched the highlights of the Manchester United-Tottenham and blimey, the match was settled before a ball was kicked

1st half United consent to make Lennon look world class so that he would get in the England team ahead of Walcott/Beckham, burning the best left back in the world. Watch when Lennon just pushes the ball forward and Evra anticipates the movement the other way, its just impossible to defend like that in the Premier League, no matter what kind of shit form you are in.

Vidic losing a header in the 6 yard area, Ferdinand failing to clean up whatever is left, Darren Bent getting a sniff at goal, Van der Sar seemingly making it easy for Bent, I'm dreaming surely.

Horrible, sub-Premier League defending again for the second goal. Lennon and Evra. Van der Sar trying to make himself small up against Modric's shot? Would easily punched it clear if he tried. Vidic looked like he was trying to avoid the ball.

Penalty for United. Surely a sending off it that was an offence? Not in anyone's best interest for Gomes to miss any games anyway. Probably agreed that Ronaldo would just send the ball down the middle and Gomes gets out of the way.

Rooney, Ronaldo, Rooney, Berbatov. Soft goals. Gomes letting in at the near post, Corluka not anticipating a Rooney shot, Woodgate taking a stroll to let Ronaldo get past, then sliding in half-heartedly without attempting any clearance on Rooney's second, then Gomes dropping the ball like he wanted Berbatov to go on. Big boost to the goal difference which United clearly needs.

even Redknapp's shoddy acting/moaning in the post-match interview seems to have let it slip.
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