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Today ,
we go to the mineirao stadium to play against Atletico-MG. Their crowd is similar to ours...they shout a lot, but they don't do the travelling we do.
The grass of mineirao is also traditionally highr than usual to help the home team...but their is no problem in playing their. The 2 last brazilian championship that we won , were agaisnt teams from belo HOrizonte, 98 Cruzeiro and 99 against Atletico-MG.
Today i draw would be perfect for us, speacilly considering taht our team played 5 games in 9 days!
We already qualified for the semi finals of the Sao Paulo league..after beating Ponte Preta at home 5x2. NOw lets focus on the more important tournament which is the LIbertadores , the only trophy we have not got in our gigantic trophy room. Frankly, I don't know were we are gonna put this trophy, we probably have to build a new building in Parque Sao Jorge to fit so many :)

Also , lets hope Palmeiras get beaten in Mexico against Atlas :)
Felipao said that the team would do the training in the airplane , with the flight attendants caling off sides and fouls :)

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor...ate o fim.
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