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With all the transfer comings and goings, I thought it might be worthwhile seeing what everyone thinks would be our best XI and formation for the remainder of the season. Obviously, there is far too much at risk now for the formation to change dramatically, but i'm hoping big Eck might look in for some definate ideas about who his best team is.

With Klos obviously out for the season, i'd go with this:



Without the aid of CM tactics options, that's the best I can do. First of all, I don't think McGregor will be first choice, but i've already made my feelings clear on that. I've wanted Ball to have a run in the team for a while now, at least so we can all make our minds up on him one way or the other.

This formation could leave us a little exposed in right midfield, but i'd hope that Ricksen would be able to help cover that area, plus Nacho's workrate should mean he'll track back. I'll still give Buffel the benefit of the doubt for another few games at any rate. From what i've seen of Djordjic, he looks a better option than Lovenkrands or Arveladze, although he could be injury prone. I'd push Novo infield a little bit from where he's been playing recently.

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Like you I think it's high time McLeish got the formation(s) sorted out, now is the perfect time for that. I'd hope he'd go for 2 formations that he was going to stick too and preferably adaptable.

My shout would be for the following formation in big games. The
adaptation I would like to see is the "Mladenovic role" being swapped for a "Buffel role" against lesser opposition in the majority of the SPL games, home games especially. Basically moving the holding role from behind the midfield to in front of the midfield.


          Kyrgiakos           Andrews

Hutton                                      Vignal


     Ricksen        Fergsuon        Djordjic

               Prso            Novo
Goalkeeper- Although I'd like to see McGregor get a run I still feel we need to rely on experience and bed the youngster in gently. For our best 11 I think we'd be better with the "auld yin".
Wing-backs- I don't like McLeish's idea of wingers and would prefer to play with wing-backs. In the above formation Ricksen and Djordjic would help out on their relevant sides when we were not in possession.
I think we'd all agree that Hutton is the best man on the right at the club. It's a real toss up between Vignal and Ball. Before the start of the year I would have went for Ball but since Boumsong has gone for whatever reason Vignal has been playing well- maybe he was trying to impress his countryman before.
Centre-Backs- I'd be surprised if anyone had a different suggestion. They will be our first choice pairing.
Holding role- Shock, horror it's Dragan! I think we need that role in our team especially with the distribution of big Marv. Mladenovic has not played any worse than Buffel up to now in my view so I'd like to see him in there. Malcolm and Zurab could also play that role so we'd have more than enough choices.
Midfield- McLeish usually has comprimised the strength of our midfield my playing wingers. This 3 man midflield would have enough energy, strength and creativity to cope with the supplementry holding player adding extra backing. If you play a Lovenkrands in there though it falls apart so you need ball winners every time.
Attack- No explanation needed. As there are only these two, Thompson and Arveladze to choose from then it picks itself.

Adapting without subs- With this setup moving to a 4-4-2 if so required is easily done without making a substitution.
Adapting with subs- The only way I would change this in a game was to add a supporting striker, or link man. This could be done by either removing the holding player (Mladenovic) or changing to a diamond formation by removing a central midfielder. We would then have the choice of playing Buffel or Namouchi in that whole. Equally although McLeish likes his wingers I think Lovenkrands or Burke could operate just as easily in that role.
One other alternative were you to use wingers would be to move to a 4-3-3. Novo can operate on the right and Prso can operate on the left so one sub (Lovenkrands or Burke) for one of the midfielders or holding player would allow you to move to this formation.

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-------------------Waterreus ----------------

Think that would be a pretty well balanced team although potentially will need more in midfield for the celtic games - if so would switch one of the forwards (probably Buffel) for Rae in a more central and defensive role.

I'm split 50/50 between Waterreus and McGregor so just picked Waterreus because of his experience.

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Was going to write out my line up but just noticed Teddy Bear had done it for me. My reasoning for playing The Mullet in goals is his better distribution and willingness to come off his line to make a catch.
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