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Fiorentina wants Reiziger and Kluivert

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Fiorentina are looking to spend the £22 million they reaped in for the arch angel Gabriel. The Nou Camp looks to be their focal point. They are looking at Dutch international Michael Reiziger but the 27 year old right back has said he would like to stay at Barca. The Catalan club may decide to depart with Reiziger, however, and for considerably less than his £18 million buy out clause may suggest. This is all coming about because he is only under contract until summer 2001. It is presumed undecided whether Barca will renew his contract or decide to cash in on him now.
And Fiorentina are also after Kluivert who is under contract until summer 2002. They are reportedly going to offer £15 million but I can't see that being enough, personally.
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Both want to stay. And I don't see any reason to sell either of them. Reiziger is a very solid player, and Kluivert... Although misses a few chances, he's always there to receive the ball... Besides, he makes other players play better. I'd say: KEEP THEM!
15 million for Kluivert!! Rumor has it Anelka is off to Juve for 30 million pounds. I couldn't see Kluivert going for any less, as he is the better player. Reizeger is good in my book, i say keep him.
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