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Pier Paolo Marino, market man of Udinese, excluded on Thursday the chance Italy international Stefano Fiore could leave the club. At least this summer.

"Fiore will stay at Udine. On Wednesday I talked him to make him the best wishes from me and the president Giampaolo Pozzo for the Euro2000 adventure. There he explained which is the will of club. Now I suggest top clubs to begin to make offer starting from next months, but those talks will be just about 2001-2002 season" Marino explained as reported by Ansa news agency.

At the contrary there are good chances another midfielder of Udinese could leave. Giuliano Giannichedda is on the target of Lazio and if the offer will be good, he will move there "With the player we have a word agreement: if an important club will make a bid to sign him and we'll like it, we'll surely open talks. At the moment I cannot confirm there is already negotiation on with Lazio, what I know about that is what I read on papers!" the director said.

Finally Marino admitted there are offers for Tomas Locatelli as well "But in our plans we want to begin the new season with a team very similar to the one we have now".

Darth Maul
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He Wont Come To Inter!!!

he wont come to inter because he needs to know that has a future & in inter it wont come to true!
& because he is so far from singning!
its like your all fantasies :
1. salas
2. veron
3. batistuta
you will never sign any of this players because they all know that inter is a waist of time :) :) :)

Dear david

Pls be considerate a bit...You are cetanly wellcome here at
inter forum...but pls..do not bad mouht the club...let's put
it this way how do you like it when someone say some nasty
thing bout your ManU on your Man U forum...
so pls be more polite if not...then stay away from here...
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