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Because Betis will relegate, many players will leave. Among them is Finidi George, the great right midfielder/winger, who was an Ajax player at the time they won the CL..
It wouldn't surprise me if VG would buy him... I wouldn't understand it (we already have Figo and Simao), but I think VG is very well capable of doing so.
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Who cares?
We lost again, with a new low, to Rayo :(((
There is something really pathetic about us this season, i don't know why, but it seems like we need to really want it before we can win games.
Well, there's no doubt that the fans want it every week, but do the players really fight for our team?
I don't think they do :(
Last season i felt so proud after the 2 Man Utd games because both teams played for their lives, but i've only ever seen this performance once this year, against Chelsea.
Oh well, congratulations Depor i guess :((

By the way, i like Finidi very much also, but he's getting a bit old is he not?
hehe we could have the 2 Nigerians on either wing in that case. But i really want to see young Haruna next year, he seems an exciting prospect :)
And maybe Finidi could teach him a few things before he retires.
We need players that can fight when they lose the ball ..
We need players with a good attitude..
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