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If Adanaspor does collapse, it will be a great shame for the city. Is there really nobody willing to do anything about it?


ANKARA - Turkish Daily News

Adanaspor, a Super League team last season, is currently bottom of Division Two Category A. It has managed just 7 points from its 17 matches to date, 7 fewer than Kyoto Karagumruk the team immediately above it, winning only once. The reason is simple.

As coach Eyup Arin admits, it is almost impossible to succeed with a small squad made up mostly of youngsters and containing very few seasoned professionals. When Arin began training for the season's second half this week, only 9 players of any sort showed up. A number have quit the club altogether, the latest being Faruk Temel who has joined Karagumruk and Ercan Unal who has agreed terms with Samsunspor.

[] More departures

Another five player departures are believed to be in the pipeline, including that of Turkey Under-19 goalkeeper Serkan Kirintili. The club is powerless to do anything about this. These men have not been paid in months. T

hey could apply to the Turkish Soccer Federation for their contracts to be annulled on grounds of non-payment and the Federation would grant this. Faruk and Ercan have acted generously by agreeing to forego money owing to them. They could have gone to the Federation, obtained free agent status and still retained a legal right to payment by Adanaspor.

"We are expecting those players who have not already left town to do so today or tomorrow," was the somber assessment of chairman Cagdas Ergin. 'Left' may be a misleading word -- according to Eyup Arin, some members of his squad have telephoned him to say that they cannot return from their holidays because they do not have the bus fare.

[hh] Governor Kirac

As we went to press, Cagdas Ergin was trying to arrange a meeting with Adana Provincial Governor Cahit Kirac in hopes of obtaining some help from him, though just what form such aid might take was not clear. "If there is no result, we will withdraw the professional team from the league," Ergin warned. Without players he will have little alternative. But how has such a club got itself into this terrible mess? There are two answers, one simple, one complex.

The simple one is that Adanaspor several years allowed itself to be virtually taken over by the Uzan Group which had its origins in Adana. The Uzans became not only the club's main sponsors but its only ones of any significance. Hasan Uzan was club chairman for a while. When his family's empire started to crumble, the money slowed to a trickle and finally dried up altogether leaving Adanaspor with huge debts which it could not and still cannot pay.

[] Where's the support?

The more complex answer is easily enough stated -- since the demise of the Uzans nobody else has come forward to help. Why this is so is something of a mystery. At one time, Cagdas Ergin was claiming that potential backers did not want to be associated with what was regarded as the Uzans' club, in particular during the period when Cem Uzan was trying to launch a political career as leader of the Genc (Young) Party.

That may have been true than. It cannot be true now. To all intents and purposes the Uzans are gone. In a statement earlier this week, chairman Ergin referred to a 'surprising lack of reaction' in Adana to the club's plight. There has been some reaction, though. This week it took the form of an angry meeting between officials of the Orange and White Association (orange and white are the team colors and the association is its leading supporters' group), ordinary fans and Adanaspor board members. Association vice-chairman Muhtemes Girmen told the meeting that if Adanaspor closes its doors it will be the closure of a club to which 'hundreds of thousands of people have given their hearts'. So where are they? Attendances at the 5 Ocak Stadium were appalling even in the Super League last season. If the fans are not prepared to show up for matches, they can hardly complain if their club goes to the wall.

[hh] Wealth

But the ordinary supporters can do little in any case. Even if they fill the stadium, the gate money will do little to offset the current financial problems. The basic problem is that nobody with significant cash to put into the club has been prepared to do so.

As association chairman Bekir Alpkaya put it at the meeting, "Although chairman Ergin has been screaming for support for 3 years, nobody has come forward." By Turkish standards, Adana is far from a poverty stricken city. It is a major center of industry and commerce, indeed the main center of its region. Although these relativities are hard to establish, it is probable that it is a richer city than Trabzon and look how well Trabzonspor has done. Adanaspor, founded in 1966, achieved some successes of its own in the early days. It never won a major trophy but did represent Turkey in the UEFA Cup on two occasions. Since the 1980s, however, it has become what Turks call an "elevator" team, one which travels up and down between the first and second divisions. This is because it has never been able to acquire adequate financial backing to make it more than that. It fell into the lap of the Uzans because they promised the rainbow's end and the pot of gold.

[] Shame

If Adanaspor does collapse, it will be a great shame for the city. Is there really nobody willing to do anything about it? Come on Adana businessmen, come on Adana citizens who have moved elsewhere and prospered, where are you? Neighbors Gaziantep and Kayseri are maintaining Super League teams. Are you prepared to admit that Adana cannot manage one in Category A? Unless help is forthcoming fast your city is going to be left only with Adana Demirspor which is a moderate Category B outfit. Shame.

with some other clubs financial crisis, its serious at this moment. is there any help or supports by the city officers or companies?
i wonder why they cannot run anyway enough for payment to players at least.
is there less tv broadcasting income or so in Turkey?
i think they should plan schedule some weeks ago, and sell the game tickets earlier. also clubs out of the capital city dont have their official nice shops. it lacks comfort service to get supporters and income increasing as a business.
tell me how you think bout this.

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Adanaspor and Istanbulspor were unfortunate victims of Cem Uzan's glorious rise and fall from power.
Istanbulspor is up for sale at the moment, perhaps Adanaspor could be sold off to someone who might be interested as well?
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