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finally.. i watch a match!!!

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today i watch first Yugo. league match in my life :D
i didn't understand anything said by the commentator :tongue:
but i can understand the football :) .

finally i see Mihajlo Pjanovic play, i support him coz i like him in CM. :) he score a goal.

i was happy coz he score in real life, not only CM :tongue: and i am happy because its my first ever yugo match :) i will remember it in all my life: Red Star 3-0 Radnicki.

why is there too few fans in the stadium :confused:
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Tottina, where are you from, if it's no secret? :confused:
i'm from Saudi Arabia.
i'm big Yugoslav NT fan here :) but i dont know anything about yugo league, and thats why i'm happy :D

my favorite teams are Milan, Italy and Yugo NT.
i support Roma sometimes for Totti, also i support Lazio for Nesta, Miha and Deki. (you can see i'm not against lazio coz i like Totti :D )

is this enough :cool:
Well, Tottina, I must say I am pleasantly surprised to see some non-Serb actually follow our NT.
I congratulate you on your excellent choice. :)

And oh yeah, welcome. :)
cool to read that !

if there are any yugo Nt fan here... he or she is welcome !
It's an amasing power of football:)

Welcome Tottina:)

How come you like Yu NT?
no one talk when i say i support Italy but when i say and Yugoslavia every one ask me WHY???
i didnt see that this is strange thing!!, they play well so they deserve support, i LOVE their way of playing :)

i like them, i learn to read cirilic just to know how to write their names in defferent ways :cool:

and because i can read cirilic i was able to know that the match i see is between Radnicki and Crvena Zvezda !!! ;)
may i ask u a question?
in which channel did u watch the game?
and r u a saudi?
red star forever...
why u r surprised?
we (arabs and muslims) do not hate the others 4 their religion or...and any one who denies what i am saying is A LIAR.
trust me.
Calm down, Mohammed. What RSF meant is that with the standards of football in our country deteriorating by the day it is a surprise to find someone from abroad interested in it.
Mohammed Deyab said:
may i ask u a question?
in which channel did u watch the game?
and r u a saudi?
yes, i'm Saudi
and i watch the game in RTV montenegro.
do you support yugo NT too??
Lightoller, thanks for clarifying that. :)
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