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Here is the consolidated results of the five polls we had. You can also use this thread for all the side awards you can think of (for example, best substitute, best newcomer, best save.....etc.) --> anything we didn't have a poll for (I think Campo is once again best hair-do champ! :D )

The polls were:

Real Madrid Player of The Year:

1) Makelele - 40%
2) Zidane - 37.14 %
3) Raul - 11.43 %

as expected, it was a two way race with Make barely edging El Zid. Make's consistency this year was simply magnificent, and he shouldered most of the defensive weight for our team. The responsability was even bigger with Del B's constant shifting of formations, and Claude was up to the task.

Biggest Win of the Year:

1) Real Madrid at Barcelona, CL Semi Final, First leg 2-0: 35.29%
2) Real Madrid vs. Leverkusen, CL Final, 2-1: 29.41 %
3) Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich, CL QFs, Second leg 2-0: 17.65%

No surprise all three matches were from the CL. The win in Nou Camp just edged out the CL final win. Having failed to beat the still existing non-winning streak in Nou Camp in Liga just a few weeks earlier, thanks to a Cesar blunder, the boys made sure victory will not escape their hands this time around.

Most Entertaining Performance of the Year:

1) Real Madrid vs. Deportivo, Liga, 3-1: 50.00%
2) Real Madrid vs. Bayern, CL QFs, Second leg 2-1: 16.67 %
2) Real Madrid vs. Espanyol, Liga, 5-1: 16.67 %

One sided win goes to that magical match with Deportivo, which saw us score three magnificent goals on a memorable night in Bernabeu.

Goal of the Year:

1) El Zid's "Final" Goal : 61.11 %
3 others tied at 11.11%

No question and no contest, and no surprises either. El Zid's left-footed volley winner will go down in our history, in his history and in the CL history as one of the best of all time.

Assist of the Year:

1) Raul to Zidane, at Barca, CL Semi Final leg 1: 75% <--- known hence forward as The Assist
4 others tied at 6.25%

Even a bigger margin goes to "The Assist". Raul's sensational play helped us achieve our biggest win of the year. The pass was class in every way and it couldn't have been done any more perfectly.

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i'm happy because it's really makelele which deserve tis title of " best player of the season" ...but for me raul was second ....i vote for raul's goal vs anderlecht because it's a great goal and the hundredth seven in europeans competitions for madrid in all history and because i know everybody vote for zidane's great goal vs bayer...but for me the zizou 's goal vs deportivo is better than the zizou 's goal vs bayer...the first is more technical i think

for the assist i vote for raul's asssist at moro vs deportivo because i like this kind of assist :) but the most important / good assist it's vs barca ...it's sure

i want propoe an another poll if you want :)

" best individual performance "

I think that this vote should be made according to the following quoefficient :
quality of the match / importance of the match

the nominees for me if you have others nominees ...tell it :

Raul , C1 , vs BARCA ( at bernabeu) : 1 great goal and an impressive defensive activity .... remember Fifty eighth minute when bernabeu scream his name after raul run and run to get back the ball ....awesome :)

Makelele , C1, vs BARCA ( at nou camp ) : an impressive defensive activity ......like always this season

Figo , C1, vs ROMA ( at italy ) : 1 goal , 1 assist ...a great performance like past season

Raul , la liga , vs deportivo ( at bernabeu ) : 1 goal , 1 assist .....And even if the journalists were obviously impressed by the great goal of zidane. ......the player of the match for all these same journalists was raul .....

Zidane , la liga , vs sparta prague ( at prague ) : 1 goal .....few many beautiful epic techniques ... like always

Morientes , la liga , vs las palmas ( at bernabeu ) : 5 goals among which 4 with the head

Hierro , la liga , vs Saragose ( at bernabeu ) : 3 goals like a leader

Raul , C1, vs anderlecht ( at bernabeu ) : 2 goals among which the hundredth seven in europeans competitions for madrid in all history

Makelele , C1 , vs bayern munich ( at munich ) : an impressive defensive activity...a great match

Raul , Spanish cup , vs Nastic ( at bernabeu) : 3 goals ......for raul's revenge toward european journalists

Morientes , la liga , vs rayo vallecano ( at vallecas ) : 2 goals .....almost three if raul don't accompany with the head the first goal

Zidane , C1 , vs panathinaikos : ( in bernabeu ) : 1 assist ...few many beautiful epic techniques ... a real number 10

Rob carlos, la liga , vs espanyol ( at bernabeu) : 1 goal..... great activity

Raul , spanish supercup, vs Saragosse ( at bernabeu ) : without zizou ...raul scores 3 goals which give the first title for madrid this season

i saw again the 1rst round of semi final and the final vs bayer leverkussen......and for me zizou was decisive and good but not great in this matches... his two goals are great ....very very great :)


so for me the best it's ....Raul , C1 , vs BARCA ( at bernabeu) : 1 great goal and an impressive defensive activity .... remember Fifty eighth minute when bernabeu scream his name after raul run and run to get back the ball ....awesome :) ...and makelele 's match vs barca in semi final 1st round is second :)

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Agree with the majority on most.I voted on all of them,even though Ididn't have time to post on all of them.

Congrats to Makelele.:D We should send him something.:D A ball,or shield,or sth like that.:D

But the biggest surprise of the year is Zizou's gol getting only 61% of the vote.:D
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