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Filipescu unhappy at Real Betis

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In an interview, he said that it was a big mistake for him to leave galatasaray for real betis of spain. He said it was a financial mistake and he didnt think that his team will be fighting to avoid relegation.
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Hrm, damn, I hope he goes somewhere else.
Nobody expected such a fiasco by the Sevilla club. I guess he would change his team, they would sell all of their stars once they are relegated. And having in mind that they have three matches outside of their city, and one at home with Real M, I think they would be in the Second division in the next year.
There was a rumour a week ago that Betis bid 75 million dollars to Atletic Madrid for Juan Valeron, Kiko, and Hasselbiank. That would sure fire up their team, but as you said giani they will likely be in the 2nd division next year.
Denilson will leave Betis in summer for a move in Italy. The Atletico trio has many chanches to go to Betis ubt Felipe wants to leave also. He thinks to a move back to Galata, where he felt very well.
He just declared last evening that he is not a coward like his team mates that are leaving Betis just because they relegated and that he will continue with them in the Segunda Division.
Heheh, strong word by "Filipe", but it's not going to help his career playing in the second divison.
i agree...i think he will leave too
When galataaray went to mallorca to play the uarter final game, he went to ask the mangers of galata to come back to galata.
In case u dont know, he transfered from galata to betis about 1 and half years ago. That time he said he wanted to play in spain so much so lthey let him go.
Now he says that he can not find the atmosphere he found in istanbul and he misses it so much.
Galata might buy him back.
carlito: Yah, I guess if he loves in so much in Galatasaray, he should be there. I know how much it means to players to play for a club they love, and from what you said Gala should surely buy him back.
I hope so filip comes back. I hope hagi stays too. but i dont want popescu anymore even though he is still good.
Galata made an offer to mlan for maldini. They talked to him too and he said he would come.Anyway he wants to leave milan this year. He liked the way galata plays when they played 2 times against each other and were eliminated from european cups when lost to ghalata 3-2 in the last game.

Eclipse, Anyway, is filip still as good though?? i dint see him play in a long time..
He's still the same old Filipe. :)
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