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I believe no transfer in Turkish soccer history was as much controversial as Hasan Vezir's move from Fenerbahce to Galatasaray.

I bet everyone thought there had been a major earthquake in the country, especially the ones who lived in istanbul at the time, the city both team belong to.

The reason for that, he played extraordinarily well in Fenerbahce that season when he was on a loan by his club(Rizespor, I believe). Anyway, even though Fenerbahce had some great players such as Ridvan"The Devil", Oguz "The emperor", and Aykut- one of the best goal scorer in that year, Hasan was in charge in many major games especially the ones against Galatasaray. He was the one who brought Fenerbahce back into the game from 3-1, and either Fenerbahce won that game 4-3 or it was a draw 4-4 from 4-1 down. They were probably the best games in Turkish soccer history. They were some unbelievable games. In those games, Hasan Vezir was the hero. Nobody thought he would leave Fenerbahce since both sides were happy and agreed on everything. Hasan retook the spotlight and became the king whereas he was playing for a second divison team at the beginning of the season then.

It was a shock for anyone including the fans of other teams, Besiktas the rival team of FBahce and Galatasaray and Trabzonspor-another major club of Turkey in which Hasan Vezir has played for many years. I bet they were weeping so hard for loosing such a extradionary scorer. After he left Trabzonspor, they weren't good anymore anyway.

Nobody has given a possibility for such a move but one of the top member in GS club was from the same city where Hasan was and he basically kidnapp the player and somehow forced him to sign the aggrement to play for GS. Of course, he was willing to do that. Anyway, after his move to GS, he was never the same player he was before. The sport writers whom favor FBahce over GS has always written things against him etc etc.

On the other hand, Tanju Colak's move to F.Bahce was the secod half of the game called "taking revenge". Even though, that brought big media attention and noise in the country, it was somehow expected since Tanju Colak has played many years for GS and achived so much and his love life was a major disaster for his career. He liked money so much, he wouldn't mine doing controversial things to get it. It was shocking but expected in the country as opposed to Hasan Vezir's case...

Anyway...it goes like this, bluh bluh bluh..

So long. :)

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driver which team u support in turkey and u know a lot about it.the game finished unfortunately 4-3 to fener
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