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Rumor has it that the GREAT Luis Figo is on his way to LAzio for a record transfer of $60million. Rui Costa is also looking for a new employer, and his market value is around 25million. Don't get me wrong, I love Figo and think he is DA MAN, but I think Rui is getting lost in his shadow. Rui Costa, in my opinion, is equally as good as figo. But everyone was going on how Figo was the man of the match versus England, I persoanlly think Costa was.

So, my point is if figo is worth 60 million, then costa is worth alot more than 25 million!

Any other opinions????

Figo rejects Lazio

Luis Figo announced on Friday that we will NOT be going to Lazio. Although Lazio are prepared to meet Barcelona's buy-out clause fee for Figo, the player himself says that he is settled in Barcelona and does not want to leave the club.

His family are settled in the city and do not want to leave for Rome. Figo's child is less than a year old.
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